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Digital Hybrid Media (ASIM)

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ASIM 1300: Introduction to Digital Hybrid Media
An introduction to computational media and digital processes as the basis of creative practice. Students gain proficiency in digital imaging, computer generated animation, and digital video using popular graphics software such as the Adobe Suite. Includes an overview of the history of digital/hybrid art from the mid-20th century onward, including Internet art, mobile and ubiquitous computing, sonic art, virtual worlds, interactive installation, and augmented performance.

ASIM 1310: Art and Code I
Explores computation as a powerful generative medium. Working with the open-source processing development environment and Java programming language, students learn the fundamentals of creative coding and computational thinking, including object-oriented programming. Hands-on topics include algorithmic drawing, procedural imaging, 2-D and 3-D animation, visualization, interactivity, and gaming.

ASIM 1330: Responsive Arts (fall only)
Students use advanced processing tools to experiment and generate interactive pieces, art robots, and works that respond to stimuli. This studio class is designed to introduce students to non-screen based digital art that exists in real space. This course is for students interested in installation, sculpture, performance, robotics, and electronics in art. It is open to students from all Meadows disciplines. Prerequisite: Open to all Meadows students or with permission of the instructor.

ASIM 1340: Computational Sculpture (spring only)
An introduction to 3D modeling as a place to explore computational sculpting methods, the building of 3D environments, and basic rigging and building techniques for students specifically interested in sculpture, design, architecture, computer science, and biovisualization. Students learn to utilize the sophisticated 3D software to model objects, environments, apply surface texturing, lighting, rapid prototyping, rigging, and rendering. Through lectures, field trips, various in class studio time, and assignments, students develop a multi disciplinary skill set that can be used for various facets of innovative content creation to suit a wide range of student interests. This course focuses on modeling and physical object output using 3D software and rapid prototype production using a 3D printer. Prerequisite: Open to any Meadows student or by permission of instructor

ASIM 3305: Art and Code II (spring only)
Introduces advanced creative coding principles using the C++ programming language and OpenGL and openFrameworks graphics libraries. Students learn how to design software systems for real-time performance, 3-D virtual environments, interactive applications, mobile games, and augmented installations. Prerequisite: ASIM 1310, or CSE 1341, or permission of instructor.

ASIM 3310: Computational Media Workshop (fall only)
An intensive study designed to further integrate computational media and digital processes into creative practice. The focus is on developing independent work, group collaboration, and analytical study. Depending on the topic and work completed, study may be applied to different media concentrations. Prerequisite: ASIM 1310, CSE 1341, or CSE 1342.

ASIM 3315: Special Topics in Digital Hybrid Media (spring only)
Topics to be announced by the Division of Art. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

ASIM 3320: Responsive Arts II (spring only)
Introduces advanced physical computing principles using micro-controllers, custom circuit design, and advanced code to generate interactive art pieces that respond to stimuli. This studio class is designed to further students in the mastery of non-screen based digital art that exists in real space. For students interested in installation, sculpture, performance, robotics, and electronic art. Prerequisite: ASIM 1330.

ASIM 3325, 5325: Special Projects in Digital and Hybrid Media
Intensive study of a particular subject or design project.

ASIM 3340: Introduction to Interactive Graphical Programming (fall only)
Introduces the fundamentals of graphical programming using the graphical programming languages PD/Gem and MaxMsp/Jitter. Students explore object oriented programming software to explore sound and video and strategies for creating generative creative art while connecting computation to the physical world. This course explores the ways in which data from external input sources can be used to create interactive projects, algorithmic compositions, screen-based work, installations, and objects and experiences in real space. Prerequisite: Course open to any Meadows, Creative Computation, or Computer Science students. 

ASIM 3350: Technology and the Body (fall only)
An introduction to wearable art and wearable-based performance art through survey lectures, video documentation, reading, technical instruction, and off campus research trips. Students specifically explore the intersection of material, interactivity, technology, the body (both human and non-human), and the conceptual potentials within the context of wearable art. Includes introductions to introductory level programming through both the Lilypad and Arduino micro controllers as well as basic electronics. Students produce their own wearable prototypes both individually and collaboratively working up to one final completed piece. Prerequisite: ASSC 1300.

ASIM 3370: Bio-Art (spring only)
A combined seminar and studio course introducing artists and collaborative groups working with nature, science, and alternative organic methods as material to produce sculpture, installations, and performance based work. Students explore nature as material and research based art practices that engage in biology, the environment, genetics, technoscience, and the use and collaboration with plants and animals, organic, and synthetically ‘organic’ materials. Activities include visits to various laboratories and exhibitions as well as lectures from visiting guest speakers.

ASIM 5302: Intermedia Directed Studies
Students may take one course per term only. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

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