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B.A. in Advertising

The Temerlin Advertising Institute offers a general advertising curriculum. The general advertising program prepares students for careers in several areas of the profession, including advertising agencies and corporate and retail advertising departments. Graduates are also prepared for careers in major media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio and interactive media. If students want to target their studies toward a particular area, they may choose to focus their elective courses to form a media emphasis, or they may apply for admission into the creative program if they wish to become advertising writers or art directors.

SMU advertising students receive a broad-based liberal arts degree with approximately 70 percent of their coursework taken outside the Temerlin Advertising Institute. All SMU advertising students are required to take a core of advertising courses that includes creative, research, ethics, media planning, marketing principles of advertising and advertising campaigns. In addition, advertising majors are required to complete eight hours of second language coursework, and all majors must declare and complete a second major or a minor of their choosing. Because SMU is in the center of a dynamic top five U.S. advertising market, many students participate in internships for course credit. Thirty-six (36) hours of advertising and communication courses are required for a major in advertising.

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies
Required Advertising Courses:
  • ADV 2374 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 2375 Advertising Ethics
  • ADV 3362 Marketing Principles of Advertising Or MKTG 3340
  • ADV 3376 Advertising Media
  • ADV 3385 Introduction to Creativity
  • ADV 3393 Advertising Research
  • ADV 4399 Advertising Campaigns
General Advertising Electives (6 hours from the following):
  • ADV 3391 Creative Production for Non-Creative Track
  • ADV 4317 Consumer Behavior
  • ADV 4318 Interactive Advertising
  • ADV 4351 Interactive Advertising Design
  • ADV 4365 Social Media Marketing
  • ADV 4375 Contemporary Advertising Issues
  • ADV 4381 Advertising Sales Management
  • ADV 4382 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • ADV 4125, 4225, 4325 Internship
Specialized Advertising Electives (one from the following):
  • ADV 4362 Advertising Account Management
  • ADV 4374 International Advertising
  • ADV 4376 Advanced Advertising Media
  • ADV 4393 Advertising Account Planning
Communication Electives:
Communication electives include any advertising, communication studies, film and media arts, or journalism course. A list of suggested communication electives is found in the TAI Student Handbook.
Second Language (two terms of the same language) 8
Statistics (STAT 1301, 2301, or 2331) 3
Meadows Elective:
Meadows electives include any art, art history, dance, music, or theatre course. A list of suggested Meadows electives is found in the TAI Student Handbook.
Second Major or Minor Choice (hours vary according to choice)  
Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements)  

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