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Undergraduate Courses

ADV 2310/ASAG 1310: Word and Image, Art and Design: 1900-Present
Contemporary designers and artists create meaningful, persuasive, and expressive works through a combination of images and text. These works of graphic design and art shape the visual culture of every aspect of life, from the look of media and information networks to people’s experience of the cities in which they live. This course surveys the modern and contemporary history of works of art and design that demand to be read as much as seen, from the industrial age to the knowledge economy.

ADV 2374: Survey of Advertising
Introductory course for majors and non-majors; surveys the field of advertising and studies how it fits into society. Topics include history, law, ethics, social dynamics, economic implications, as well as the advertising campaign planning process. The process of advertising is examined from the perspectives of art, business and science. Required for all majors and minors.

ADV 2375: Advertising Ethics
Students will gain a broad overview of the issues that relate to the ethical practice of advertising and marketing communications. In-depth exploration of ethical topics will be accomplished through directed reading assignments, class/small group discussions, guest speakers and independent research. Required for all majors and minors. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, plus two of ADV 2395, 3362 or 3385. Restricted to advertising majors and minors.

ADV 2395: Digital Media Landscapes
Introduction to the technologies and processes associated with mobile, web, and other interactive experiences. Topics include how the Internet works, interaction design, information architecture, visual design, and the development process. Does not include how to code or build websites or apps. Prerequisite: ADV 2374 (may be taken concurrently).

ADV 3360: Introduction to Graphic Design Studio
An introduction to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of type, image, form, and color. Projects explore principles of perception, visual identity and communication, thematic structure and hierarchy, creative problem-solving, and basic design practices of critique and discussion. Prerequisite: ADV 3391 or 3395.

ADV 3362: Marketing Principles of Advertising
Students learn the basic principles of consumer marketing and the role of advertising in the marketing mix. The marketing and advertising strategy and planning processes are emphasized through case studies in which students develop advertising answers to marketing problems and opportunities. Prerequisite: ADV 2374 (may be taken concurrently).

ADV 3376: Advertising Media
Principles covered are those essential to media planners, buyers and sellers. Includes media audience analysis, media vehicle comparisons and budgeting. Students master the elements of media plans used in major advertising agencies. Prerequisite: ADV 2374. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 3385: Introduction to Creativity
A survey of the theoretical, practical and ethical issues associated with creative thinking. Examines both individual and organizational strategies for promoting creativity, and the creative thinker’s role in shaping the culture. Also highlights the intellectual connections between the scholarship in creativity and advertising industry practice. Prerequisite: ADV 2374 (may be taken concurrently).

ADV 3391: Creative Production for Noncreative Track
Students learn the basic principles of advertising design and production in tandem with the use of industry-standard hardware and software programs, including the Adobe Creative Suite.

ADV 3393: Advertising Research
The proper role of research in advertising planning is the focus. Students are exposed to a variety of research methods, sources and issues. Primary and secondary research projects are designed, executed, analyzed and presented by students. Prerequisite: ADV 2374. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 3395: Concepting
A workshop for developing ideation skills and helping students self-identify as art directors or writers. Students acquire techniques and develop personal discipline inherent to the generation of novel, sophisticated creative work based on a solid concept – the distinctive, guiding idea that drives campaign messages. Assignments are evaluated in group critiques and each student completes a final portfolio by term’s end. Prerequisites: ADV 2374 and 3385. Concurrent enrollment in ADV 3390 required. Restricted to advertising majors. Departmental consent required.

ADV 4125, 4225, 4325: Internship
Off-campus opportunity for students to apply principles learned in various advertising courses in a professional setting. Students may be placed for the fall, spring or summer terms. Through weekly, midterm and final reports, the completion of an essay and the satisfactory accomplishment of 50, 100 or 150 hours of work, a student may earn one, two or three academic credit hours, respectively. Only three total credit hours may be earned through internships. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3362, 3376, 3385, 3393 and junior or senior standing. (MKTG 3340 may replace ADV 3362. No other exceptions will be granted). Restricted to advertising majors. Departmental consent required.

ADV 4317: Consumer Behavior
Draws upon the disciplines of psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, marketing and communications to explore the consumer decision-making process. Includes theories of motivation, attitudes, beliefs and learning, with a direct application to advertising.

ADV 4320: Typography
An introduction to the fundamentals of typography. Explores the history of typographic forms, typographic anatomy, vocabulary, principles of composition, the expressive potential of type, the intricacies of spacing between individual letterforms and lines of type, and legibility across a variety of media and across varying distances and speeds of delivery. Prerequisites: ADV 3360, 3391; ASAG 1310.

ADV 4330: Logo and Trademark Design
An exploration of the theory and practice of personal and corporate identity systems, including symbol and logotype design and their application to various media: stationery system, signage, website, display, packaging, etc. Also, issues of legibility, cross-cultural understanding, and integrity of representation across a variety of media. Prerequisites: ADV 3360, 3391; ASAG 1310.

ADV 4335: Publication Design
Examines the graphic designer’s role in the layout and design of publications. Lectures and studio work cover historical and current practices and technologies used to produce multipage publications. Also, issues of legibility and enhanced storytelling. Students produce visualizations for several publications using the elements of layout with typography and art. Prerequisites: ADV 3360, 3391; ASAG 1310.

ADV 4351: Interactive Advertising Design
This course focuses on the concepts, technologies and skills necessary for designing, developing and maintaining various forms of interactive Web environments. This is more than just an HTML class. It is an investigation into design for interactive and strategic messaging. Students will learn how to use high-end software such as Dreamweaver and Flash applications to accomplish their design tasks. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3390. (ADV 3391 may replace ADV 3390. No other exceptions will be granted.) Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 4354: Copywriting Studio
An intensive exploration of the writer’s craft across a variety of literary genres. Students will gain an understanding of the power of words and the distinctive voices in poetry and prose, with implications for strategic advertising copywriting. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3385 and 3390. Restricted to advertising majors. Departmental consent required.

ADV 4355: Art Direction Studio
Building upon the prerequisite course in Creative Production (ADV 3390) students can apply the fundamentals of advertising layout and design with the goal of preparing material for professional use. This course is intended for creative program majors choosing art direction careers. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3385, 3390. Restricted to advertising majors. Department consent required.

ADV 4360: Visualization of Information
Addresses visual problem-solving and emphasizes methods of translating complex data into clear, visually dynamic solutions. Topics include corporate communication systems, publication, way-finding, interaction design, and explanatory and interactive graphics for use in print and digital media. Prerequisites: ADV 3360, 3391; ASAG 1310.

ADV 4362: Advertising Account Management
This course will enable students to understand what makes advertising agency account managers, or account executives, successful. The personal and performance qualities that characterize successful account managers will be examined. Course work will include assigned reading, problem-solving exercises, lectures and discussions of advertising industry situations.

ADV 4365: Social Media Marketing
This course explores the game-changing nature of social media and its impact on traditional advertising. Topics include word-of-mouth marketing, social networks, wikis, multimedia sharing sites, bookmarking sites, and virtual worlds that allow people to interact with each other and share information about products and brands. Prerequisite: ADV 2374. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 4374: International Advertising
Students examine the principles, trends and impact of advertising in a global environment. The focus will be on how the cultural, political, economic, legal and social environments impact advertising decisions across global markets. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 2375 and 3362. (MKTG 3340 may replace ADV 3362. No other exceptions will be granted). Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 4382: Integrated Marketing Communication
This course introduces students to the concept of coordinating traditional advertising with a variety of alternative consumer contact points to produce communications campaigns that fulfill marketing and organizational goals with maximum clarity and impact. In addition to advertising, students will learn to formulate strategies and use tools in the fields of sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, interactive and mobile media, viral marketing, and other evolving elements of the marketing communication mix. Students will gain an understanding of planning and implementing integrated marketing communications plans from the perspective of advertising agencies and businesses as well as nonprofit organizations. Prerequisite: ADV 2374.

ADV 4385: Portfolio
A workshop course devoted to the continued development and professional-level execution of an advertising portfolio reflecting mastery of strategic and conceptual thinking. Work is prepared and evaluated to satisfy the highest industry standards for placement. Portfolios are reviewed by a jury of creative professionals at an end-of-term critique. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3385, 3390 and 3395. Restricted to advertising majors. Departmental consent required.

ADV 4393: Advertising Account Planning
The research-based and consumer-centered approach to strategic development of advertising known as account planning is the focus of this course. Students will review both qualitative and quantitative research practices used in advertising, as well as the planning techniques used by account planners. Course activities will include the creation of strategic briefs, primary research among consumers, and reports that contribute to both creative and media elements of an advertising campaign. Prerequisites: ADV 2374 and 3393. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 4395: Advanced Portfolio
Building on the Portfolio (ADV 4385) course, students continue development of an advertising portfolio. Special focus is given to the development of nontraditional and alternative media strategies. Students are also required to develop self-promotional materials to complement the portfolio. Portfolios are reviewed by a jury of creative professionals at an end-of-term critique. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3385, 3390, 3395 and 4385. Restricted to advertising majors. Departmental consent required.

ADV 4399: Advertising Campaigns
Integrating the major advertising principles, students develop and present an advertising campaign, including research, creative strategy, media plan and presentation of the campaign to a client. Prerequisites: ADV 2374, 3362, 3376, 3385 and 3393. (MKTG 3340 may replace ADV 3362. No other exceptions will be granted). Additional prerequisites for creative program students: ADV 3390 and 3395. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 5110, 5210, 5310: Directed Study
This is an independent study under the direction and supervision of a full-time faculty member. A directed study is a close collaboration between the professor and an advanced student who conducts a rigorous project that goes beyond the experience available in course offerings. The student must secure written permission from the instructor and return a completed Directed Studies Approval Form to the Temerlin Advertising Institute office before the start of the term. Instructor and departmental consent required. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 5113: Advertising Professional Development
Guides graduating seniors from the classroom to the work force and encompasses all aspects of the job search. Includes resume and cover letter development, interview practice, networking through a sphere of influence and sourcing positions in the field of advertising. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Restricted to advertising majors.

ADV 5301, 5302, 5303, 5304: Topics in Advertising
Focuses on special topics in advertising such as timely, evolving, ethical and/or international issues immediately relevant to the advertising industry. Prerequisite: ADV 2374. Restricted to advertising majors.

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