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Umphrey Lee Center
Room 270CR
3300 Dyer Street
Dallas, TX 75205

Belo Journalism Complex

Made possible by a grant from The Belo Foundation, the Journalism Complex in the Umphrey Lee Center features a state-of-the-art broadcast facility and engineering room, radio broadcast facility, three digital classrooms equipped with cable television and multi-media projection, a conference room and a cutting-edge convergent media lab. The media lab is equipped with a secondary green screen set, Mac computers with Final Cut Pro and current news broadcasting on three HD flat-screen televisions.

Classrooms provide space for daily instruction in reporting, editing, digital photojournalism, broadcast and video production. SMU-TV broadcasts from the Journalism Complex server 24 hours a day. Programming from a variety of broadcast classes keeps students informed about the current news from SMU and around the world. The Daily Update plays hourly on SMU-TV and is produced by students each morning in the broadcast facility. This facility includes a dressing room, engineering room and a studio with three cameras, interview set, green screen for weather and traffic and a news desk.

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