Here at SMU, Lyle is not only interested in creating engineers with technical skills but also with the necessary leadership skills to become the leaders in our fields. At the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership, they believe in developing “the whole engineer,” helping you build broader skills and giving you the tools you need to influence diverse environments and pursue your ambitions. Not to mention, the Hart Center is the place to get the job you want. They personally helped me build my resume to fit the needs of my future employers. They are truly great, and they really want to help you succeed in anyway they possibly can!

To help you along your path, they partner with leaders in the industry to develop a personal plan for your professional success – at no additional cost to you. Early exposure to corporate leadership tools, such as 360° feedback, customized development plans, and leadership coaching will help you build confidence and gain an understanding of how the process of becoming a leader works once you’ve completed your degree program.

The Hart Center for Engineering Leadership is also the place to be if you plan on taking advantage of the Co-op program Lyle has to offer. More than a third of all Lyle students choose to participate in the Co-op program because it gives them real world experience while getting paid. If you find out that the Co-op program is not for you then the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership will also help you find an internship and supply you with essential tools to find a job once you leave college.

For more information check out their site here.