Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity

Upcoming Event:

Join us for TED-style brief talks followed by conversation moderated by KERA TV's Lee Cullum with audience Q&A to follow.

A Forum on Adaptation & Building Resilience in Texas

Our Mission

We aim to shift the foundation of poverty through action and empowerment, not charity. The Hunt Institute strives to bring together the most talented minds from fields including engineering, science, business, international development and global economics, and combine their efforts with market forces to improve the standard of living for those living in extreme poverty. We focus on access to clean water; creating affordable shelter, including design justice for the marginalized; hygiene education and promotion; access to energy; and meeting basic infrastructure needs.

The Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity has three long-term goals:

  • Educate: Prepare the engineer of the future to solve pressing humanitarian issues through skilled expertise and leadership.
  • Collaborate: Form strategic partnerships with business, academia, government and other organizations working in innovation and/or developing countries.
  • Facilitate: Serve as an aggregator and facilitator between communities needing innovative solutions and the organizations building those solutions.

Our Philosophy

As a hub for development programs, the Hunt Institute is dedicated to shaping the engineer of the future who will be devoted to solving the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues through skilled expertise and leadership. We recognize that sustainable solutions require a deep understanding of those who will be utilizing, maintaining, and replicating these new technologies. To ensure our engineers, scientists and partners have a clear understanding of the environments in which they operate, new path-breaking technical programs and field research are augmented with special programs in global economics and politics as well as regional history, law, religion and culture.