Program Information

The Infinity Project provides the complete solution for implementing engineering into the classroom.  Educators across the country are using this proven high-tech curriculum to better prepare students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Students stay focused on the math and science concepts behind technologies they enjoy.  They apply key concepts through hands-on engineering design projects such as building a speaker, digital music player, robot, rocket, or prosthetic implant.

Experience in classrooms all across the United States shows that Infinity keeps students challenged, learning and exploring from start to finish.

The Infinity Project curriculum makes it all relevant.

The Infinity Project provides educators with flexible, rigorous, relevant curriculum that may be incorporated into existing STEM classes or taught as a standalone course.

Developed by an expert team including leaders in engineering education, the technology industry, government and -most importantly- teachers, the Infinity Project curriculum helps students quickly understand how the concepts they've learned in math and science apply to real-life challenges in the world around them.  Each program includes instructional support materials that make it easy for teachers to implement the curriculum into their classroom.

The Infinity Project is designed to be different - and to make a difference. It fuels a thirst for more advanced math and science classes and a greater appreciation for all technical subjects. In short, it works as a study conducted by the University of Texas at Dallas Education Research Center concludes:

  • Infinity Project students have higher passing rates on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) and commended performance rates than non-Infinity Project students.  Infinity Project students posted significantly higher average TAKS scores in math and science than their classmates.
  • Infinity Project students are more likely to complete Algebra II in earlier grades than their peers.  They also complete more than the minimum number of math courses before graduation.
  • Students who completed an Infinity Project class were more likely than their peers to enroll in both AP Calculus A/B and more advanced AP Calculus B/C.
  • Infinity Project students are more likely to attend 4-year universities than other students.
  • Infinity Project students are less likely to take remedial math classes, and more likely to enroll in a regular college mathematics class when they first attend a college or university.

The Infinity Project isn't just for the strongest students. It's designed to bring relevance, challenge and excitement to all students. 
Teacher training is a major component of The Infinity Project. In addition to arming teachers with a world-class curriculum and classroom tools, The Infinity Project provides highly interactive professional development.

Instructors are introduced to curriculum content, use of hardware/software, and design projects.  This provides instructors with a deeper understanding of the engineering concepts, lab experiments and math and science concepts reinforced throughout the curriculum.