Professional Development

We are pleased to announce that the Infinity Project has developed and designed a new professional development institute (PDI) which equips middle school and high school teachers with the skills and tools to design project, problem, and experiential STEM learning experiences.

This new PDI focuses on equipping you, the teacher and the learner, with the necessary design skills to expand student learning opportunities and promote the science and engineering practices described in the Next Generation Science Standards. The PDI will empower you as a STEM designer and challenge your mindset.

The PDI is divided into three major themes: (1) design, (2) assess, and (3) implement.

Design - Through active learning experiences, you will develop an authentic and relevant open-ended design challenge that brings the complexity of STEM and Next Generation Science Standards to life. 

Assess - You will connect your current practices to new insights around design challenge assessment. You will create an assessment map supported by the appropriate scaffolds that allow students to demonstrate mastery of the Next Gen Science Standards

Implement - You will garner strategies that allow you to create a culture in your classroom that promotes inquiry and solutions-based outcomes.

We will explore a range of questions, such as:

How do you set up an open-ended design challenge or experiment?
How do you modify the physical space to support hands-on learning?
How do you select scaffolds that support the learning process?
How do you articulate learning goals and outcomes in collaborative project- or problem-based learning?
How do you integrate technical content into open-ended projects?
In what ways does your assessment of learning foster STEM content?
What does implementation in the classroom look like and how do you cultivate a culture of inquiry?

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed an authentic, relevant, and complex challenge for your students, created an assessment map, and designed an implementation plan.

Welcome to The Infinity Project Professional Development Institute registration site. Registration is currently closed for the PDI.

Title: Design Learning Experiences that Promote STEM Practices
Date: New summer schedule will be posted Spring 2017
Location: SMU Campus, 3145 Dyer Street, Dallas, TX 75205
Intended Audience: Middle school and high school math, science, or technology teachers or district and school administrators.

Registration Fee -TBD

Payment Options

Payment may be made by credit card, school purchase order, or institutional check.

Checks should be made payable to SMU-The Infinity Project and mailed to the address provided. We are unable to accept personal checks. Fax Purchase Orders to 214-768-4007 or email a copy to

Mailing Address:

The Infinity Project
P.O. Box 750278
Dallas, TX 75275