Dianna McAtee

Dianna L. McAtee is Director of Academic Relations and Marketing for The Infinity Project where she is focused on the national expansion and integration of math and science based engineering and technology education into middle school and high school classrooms.  Ms. McAtee has worked with school districts, administrators, and teachers at local, state, and national levels on this important educational initiative. She has also directed several K-12 programs aimed at exposing students to the fun and creativity of engineering.  Ms. McAtee has been with The Infinity Project since 2004.

Ms. McAtee has nearly 20 years of marketing experience in the technology and education markets.  Previously, Ms. McAtee held positions in product development and marketing for Texas Instruments where she managed a $70 million consumer electronics product line.  Ms. McAtee earned a BBA in management from Western Michigan University, MBA from the University of Dallas, and Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Southern Methodist University.  She lives in Dallas with her son, a future engineer, and enjoys serving the community through various philanthropic organizations.

Email:    dmcatee@infinity-project.org
Phone:    214-768-1920