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Each Fall term, the Lyle School of Engineering offered dedicated groups just for employees of Lockheed Martin studying toward the M.S. Engineering Management, M.S. Systems Engineering and M.S. Manufacturing Systems Management.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering Overview
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The M.S. Systems Engineering is a requirements-driven program developed for high-potential engineers and managers with an undergraduate technical degree who are advancing in industry or government or running their own company. This program is designed to develop expertise for development and management of systems (products and services) that satisfy customer requirements considering engineering, technology, environmental, management, risk, and economic factors by viewing the system as a whole, over its life cycle using systems engineering principles, methods and practices. “Systems thinking” skills are developed which foster more effective practice for the engineer or engineering manager within the business enterprise. The objective is to provide individuals with the capability to effectively manage the development of complex systems in an ever-changing environment.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment requirement of at least 12 admitted students.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management Overview 
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The M.S. Engineering Management is a fast-track program develops expertise in the traditional graduate business and operations – along with fast-paced, innovative courses in information engineering, global perspectives, and entrepreneurship. Its well-rounded approach prepares individuals for success in the world of technology-driven it daunting to advance in an organization without a solid understanding of business and management. Organizations today need individuals that have both managerial and technical skills. At SMU Lyle, we impart a broad range of knowledge and skills, teaching professionals to think critically, plan strategically, environment.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment requirement of at least 12 admitted students.

Manufacturing Systems Management

 Manufacturing Systems Management Overview
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The M.S. Manufacturing Systems Management focuses on developing lean, agile organizations, compressing life cycles to reduce costs and time to market, managing the logistics of multinational supply chains, and looking years ahead to plan next generation products. These are among the many challenges facing manufacturers in every sector. These are the imperatives driving demand for people with the knowledge and skills to manage manufacturing at the strategic, executive level. This is the opportunity behind the Master’s program in Manufacturing Systems Management at SMU Lyle.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment requirement of at least 12 admitted students. Lockheed Martin MSM groups are independent of the regular open enrollment MSM program.


Corporate Employees Recreation Association - Fort Worth

Class meetings for the Engineering ManagementSystems Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Management groups take place at the Corporate Employees Recreation Association (formerly Lockheed Martin Recreation Association) which is located in the Fort Worth area where most Lockheed Martin employees live and work.

Ruthe Jackson Center - Grand Prairie

One Systems Engineering group is also scheduled to meet at the Ruthe Jackson Center in Grand Prairie located very near Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

Video Conference Option

Students in the Lockheed Martin Manufacturing Systems Engineering groups who do not live in Dallas or Tarrant counties may participate in real time via video conference. Students simply need access to a computer with webcam and a high speed Internet connection in order to participate. Students participate in class in real time through GoToMeeting session. Testing is conducted remotely using the school's distance education proctoring system. Note: Video conferencing is only offered to groups with a minimum of five (5) out of market students.

Off Fridays

Additionally, Lockheed dedicated groups meet on the A-schedule off Friday every two weeks (unless the group opts to meet on Saturdays), instead of the Saturday that regular Weekend Format groups meet. This gives Lockheed employees the majority of their extended weekend schedule for personal enjoyment. 

Special Note: Lockheed employees who wish to make faster degree progress may still opt to join an open enrollment cohort instead of this Lockheed-only group. Those cohorts take four courses per calendar year and finish their degree in five semesters.

Cohorts meet from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on the class meeting day.

Customized Schedule

At Lyle, we are cognizant of students from Lockheed wanting to balance the cost of a degree from SMU against the tuition assistance offered by their employer's Educational Assistance Program. To do so, the schedule of ten courses for a group of Lockheed employees is spread over three calendar years in order to balance the out-of-pocket expense of the student against the generous funding provided by Lockheed Martin.

For a Lockheed dedicated group starting in a Fall Term, the schedule would be as follows:

Term Course Tuition Claimed with EA Porgram
Out of Pocket
2 $8,400 $8,400 $0
Spring  2 $8,400 $8,400 $0
Fall  1 $4,200 $4,200 $2,100*
Spring  2 $8,400 $8,400 $0
Fall  1 $4,200 $4,200 $2,100*
Spring  2 $8,400 $8,400 $0

*Cost estimates are based on the difference between current tuition and fees and our understanding of current levels of tuition assistance at Lockheed Martin. This cost structure does not apply to the Manufacturing Systems Management program which allows students to take as many or as few courses per term as they wish.

Example Curricula

Systems Engineering

 10 Courses  
 Course 1 Systems Analysis Methods
 Course 2 Systems Engineering Process
 Course 3 Integrated Risk Management
 Course 4 Systems Reliability, Supportability and Availability Analysis
 Course 5 Systems Integration and Test
 Course 6 Systems Engineering Design*
 Course 7 Software Systems Engineering*
 Course 8 Systems Engineering Leadership*
 Course 9 Logistics Systems Engineering*
 Course 10 System Engineering Tools (SLATE, DOORS and MATLAB) 

Engineering Management

 10 Courses  
 Course 1 Systems Engineering Process
 Course 2 Production Systems Engineering
 Course 3 Probability & Statistics for Scientists and Engineers
 Course 4 Operations Research Models
 Course 5

Engineering Economy and Decision Analysis

 Course 6 Engineering Accounting
 Course 7 Engineering Finance
 Course 8 Engineering Management
 Course 9 Enterprise Leadership*
 Course 10 Management of Information Technologies*

Manufacturing Systems Management Program

 10 Courses  
 Course 1 Entreprenuership and Business Development in Manufacturing
 Course 2 Organizational Leadership
 Course 3 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
 Course 4 Manufacturing Methods and Systems
 Course 5 Manufacturing Management
 Course 6 Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
 Course 7 Strategies for Manufacturing Firms
 Course 8 Global Manufacturing
 Course 9 Innovation Management
 Course 10 Finance and Manufacturing Enterprise

*Electives subject to change by department decision

Systems Engineering Overview Systems Engineering Overview Click here for PDF Click here for PDF Click here for PDF Click here for PDF

Weekend Format Contact

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