2014 Enrollment

A Service Indicator has been placed on your account from the SMU Registrar’s Office regarding the submission of emergency contact information. You must verify and/or update your personal portfolio with emergency contact information in all five sections (emergency contact, home & mailing address, phone, demographic summary, ethnicity) or you will not be able to enroll. Be sure to check the "verified by me box" on each section so that the hold will be removed.

2014 Timeline

 April 7-25, 2014  Summer/Fall enrollment for continuing students
 April 8, 2014  Last day to drop a course Spring term 2014 - email Janis Jessen
 April 15, 2014
 Last day to withdraw from the University - email Janis Jessen 
 April 18, 2014
 University Holiday - Good Friday
 April 28, 2014
 Late enrollment of continuing students; enrollment for new students 
 May 1, 2014  Last day to defend thesis/dissertation for May 2014 graduation
 May 5, 2014  Last day of instruction
 May 6, 2014  Reading Day
 May 7-13, 2014  Final Exams
 May 17, 2014  Spring term 2014 Graduation
 May 23, 2014  Tuition payment due date for Summer Term
 June 2, 2014  First day of Summer Term classes
 June 5, 2014  Last day to add/drop/enroll for Summer Term
 July 4, 2014  University Holiday - Independence Day
 July 24, 2014  Last day to drop a course - email Janis Jessen 
 July 30, 2014  Last day to withdraw from Summer Term - email Janis Jessen 
 August 5, 2014  Last day of instruction, final exams, degree conferral date Summer Term
 August 19, 2014  Tuition payment due date - Fall Term
 August 25, 2014  First day of classes - Fall Term
 August 29, 2014  Last day to add/drop/enroll Fall Term
 Sept. 1, 2014  University holiday - Labor Day 
 Oct. 13-14, 2014  Fall Break
 Nov. 3-21, 2014  Spring Term enrollment for continuing students 
 Nov. 7, 2014  Last day to drop a course - email Janis Jessen 
 Nov. 25, 2014  Last day to withdraw from Fall Term - email Janis Jessen 
 Nov. 26-28, 2014  University Holiday - Thanksgiving - no classes
 Dec. 4, 2014  Last day to defend thesis/dissertation for December graduation
 Dec. 11-17, 2014  Final Exams
 Dec. 20, 2014  December graduation

Important Information

Distance Learning Students – Update site coordinator information each term before enrolling. All DE classes will be streamed via the Internet. Go to the Distance Education page for details

Graduating this term?
You will apply for graduation via access.smu.edu. Please contact Jim Dees at jdees@lyle.smu.edu and inform him that you plan to graduate at the end of Spring term so that he may provide you with instruction on applying for graduation.

Complete a degree plan, if you have not done so already. Print and complete degree plans. Fax to 214-768-3778 or e-mail the form to Jim Dees. Go to http://www.smu.edu/Lyle/Graduate/CurrentStudents/DegreePlans

SMU Honor Code
Every student at SMU is bound by the SMU Honor Code. You need to become familiar with it and should review it regularly at