Center for Multidisciplinary Studies

Key factors which determine successful competition in today's global environment are: timely and rapid response to customer needs, high product quality, and flexibility of operation. To achieve these objectives, the common element is an effective and knowledgeable organization oriented toward customer needs and requirements.

The Lyle Center for Multidisciplinary Studies

Lyle's Center for Multidisciplinary Studies was established as a convenient and flexible device for experimentation with instructional and research programs that do not naturally fit within one of the existing departments.  The Center performs simultaneously a service function to those units and an exploratory role with relation to areas of engineering and engineering education that are new to the Lyle School.

The Center remains alert to scientific discoveries and the emergence of new technologies so that the orientation of its programs may be responsive to both.  Its aim, like that of the engineering professions, is to bring technology imaginatively to bear on some of the major problems confronting mankind.

About the Lyle School of Engineering

The SMU Lyle School of Engineering is committed to developing the new American engineer, one prepared to excel and lead in creating new economic opportunities while meeting the most difficult challenges facing society. The Lyle School maintains a steadfast focus on using engineering to address important issues both at home and around the world.