Ph.D. with a Major in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse, dynamic, and exciting field. Because of the wide-ranging technical background attained, the mechanical engineers have the highest potential for employment after graduation with exceptional mobility necessary for professional growth even during bear-market conditions.

The mechanical engineering department at SMU has a long tradition of offering a superb engineering education within an environment fostering creativity and innovation. Small classes, a trademark of our program, not only provides for strong mentoring but it also foments academic excellence through cooperation and team work. Our exceptionally qualified faculty members are continuously engaged in cutting-edge research projects, facilitating the attainment and transmission of knowledge to the students. Leading by example, through encouragement and dedication, our faculty is committed to the success of every student, during their tenure at SMU and after graduation.

Our Ph.D. program is one of the most successful programs in the nation. The majority of our students are supported by their own companies, by faculty research grants or by the Department through Teaching Assistant Fellowships. The latter option is specifically tailored to students interested in obtaining a faculty position after graduation.


The basic requirements of our program are: the successful completion of eight graduate level courses (24 SCH), beyond the Master degree; approval on a qualifying exam, the format of which is to be determined by the student research advisor in consultation with the dissertation committee; and, the completion and defense of a Dissertation. The Dissertation must be original, and of scholar level as determined by the potential of being accepted for publication in the leading technical journals in the field of interest.

Ph.D. students normally choose their course concentration from one of the following four areas, although deviations are allowed if approved by the research advisor:

Design and Dynamic Systems and Controls

ME 7302 Linear System Analysis
ME 7314 Introduction to MEMS
ME 7320 Intermediate Dynamics
ME 7322 Vibrations
ME 7326 Vehicle Dynamics
ME 7337 Introduction to CFD
ME 7355 Integrated Design and Manufacturing
ME 7356 Human Factors in Design and Manufacturing
ME 7358 Design of Electronic Packaging
ME 7372 Introduction to CAD-CAM
ME 7374 Introduction to Mechanical CAE
ME 8367 Nonlinear Control

Faculty: Yildirim Hurmuzlu, Charles Lovas, Edmond Richer

Mechanical Science

ME 7319 Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials
ME 7320 Intermediate Dynamics
ME 7322 Vibrations
ME 7323 Introduction to Fracture Mechanics
ME 7324 Fatigue Theory
ME 7340 Introduction to Solid Mechanic
ME 7361 Matrix Structural Analysis and Introduction to FEM
ME 7364 Introduction to Structural Dynamics
ME 7377 Advanced Steel Design
ME 7387 Foundation Engineering
ME 8364 FEM in Structural and Continuum Mechanics

Faculty: Bijan Mohraz, Yildirim Hurmuzlu, Jeong Ho You

Thermal and Fluid Sciences

ME 7330 Heat Transfer
ME 7331 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 7332 Heat Transfer in Biomedical Sciences
ME 7333 Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
ME 7336 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME 7337 Introduction to CFD
ME 7342 Mechanical Aspects of Electronic Packaging
ME 7358 Design of Electronic Packaging
ME 7383 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ME 7386 Convection Heat Transfer
ME 7394 ST - Optics Laser Assisted Manufacturing
ME 8385 Conduction Heat Transfer
ME 8387 Radiation Heat Transfer

Faculty: Paul Krueger, José Lage, Volkan Otugen, Peter E. Raad, David A. Willis

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