Mentor Profile


  • Minimum one academic year, (August – May)
  • Complete the mentor application
  • Attend a mentor training session
  • Keep discussions with mentees confidential
  • Enlist the help of Hart Center staff if needed
  • Notify the Hart Center with changes in contact information

Personal Attributes

  • A genuine desire to be influential in the lives of others
  • Give advice and express opinions while at the same time be accepting of the views of others
  • Propensity towards solutions and problem-solving without a “fix it” mindset
  • A developmental and cultivating approach to advising and feedback
  • Upholds the highest ethical standards

Professional Experience

  • 3 to 25 plus years of industry and/or business experience
  • Achieved career advancement
  • Established business and community network
  • Preferred industry/career experience:
Aerospace  Air Quality  Automotive  Biomedical
Business  Construction  Consumer Goods  Finance 
Defense  Education  Consulting  Medical 
Government  Law  Energy  Waste/Water 
Military  Oil & Gas  Manufacturing   
Telecommunications  Transportation  Semiconductor