Mentor Benefits

As a Mentor you will receive:


We are fortunate to have the assistance of The Center for Creative Leadership, a leader in talent management for over forty years, to provide learning experiences for mentors and mentees on topics such as effective communication and relationship management.  The Hart Center, with CCL experts, will provide mentors facilitative skills and developmental coaching training to accelerate productive relationships.  Students will also receive training to help identify strengths and weaknesses in order to create improvement action plans.


You will be matched with one or two mentees that can be best served by your unique experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills. The Hart Center provides several opportunities to meet with your mentee through lunches sponsored by the Hart Center and special invitations to SMU and community events. Connecting in person with your mentee is important to establishing a strong relationship; therefore mentees are required to reach out to you throughout the year.  And in turn, we hope you will offer opportunities for mentees to get off campus and in to the “real world” of the office, field, etc. 


We encourage you to build professional contacts through our mentoring program.  As a mentor, you are invited to special events both on and off campus.


Mentors often find that successfully guiding a student has a multiplier effect.  The active listening,  probing questions, follow-up, accountability, motivation and celebration involved in mentoring a student are the same behaviors that enable mentors to become more effective managers, co-workers and leaders in and away from work.