Influence, Impact, Encourage

Partnerships in Engineering Leadership Mentoring Program

Do you remember the excitement, anticipation, and anxiety of your junior and senior year in college? Your priorities began to shift, you realized that the world awaits and it’s time to buckle down, get serious, fix things, make decisions, figure it ALL out...  You were hungry for the wisdom, insight, perspective and push of a mentor/friend.

But now…after a few years of experience and exposure you are a wise, insightful, and motivating force perfectly suited to help students set and achieve goals, leverage their strengths, fill gaps and design a plan for success.  Most importantly you know all that “stuff” you wish someone had told you.  That’s why you will be a perfect mentor for junior and senior engineering students.

As a mentor your role, first and foremost, is to share what you have learned from your successes and failures and then to listen.  This will seed a trusting relationship that will produce positive outcomes for you and your mentee, as well as, cultivate a lasting friendship.

We are looking for mentors that can relate to students in their college to career transition, offer advice, make connections with others, expose them to opportunities, and help identify goals and the steps to achieving success.


  • Minimum one academic year, (August – May), availability
  • Complete the mentor application
  • Attend a mentor training session
  • Keep discussions with mentees confidential
  • Enlist the help of Hart Center staff if needed
  • Notify the Hart Center with changes in contact information

 Apply Now Button If you or a colleague match the Mentor Profile above and are interested in mentoring a student, contact John Kiser, Executive Director of the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership.