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  • Bachelor's Programs

    With over 20 undergraduate programs to choose from, state-of-the-art facilities, top faculty and small class sizes, the Lyle School is the perfect choice for your undergraduate education.

  • Master's Programs

    Increase your career potential…full-time, or part-time, on-campus or at a distance, the Lyle school has a program to fit your busy schedule.

  • Doctoral Programs

    Rigorous academic programs which require novel, high-quality research work recognized and accepted by other scholars in the field. Explore your opportunities at the Lyle school.

  • Certificate Programs

    Lyle certificate programs are comprised of a subset of courses specifically tailored for technical and management professionals seeking additional education to further their careers.

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Are you ready to be a World Changer? The Lyle School at SMU is a cutting-edge engineering school with world-class research and teaching facilities. Take the first step in your journey.

At SMU we consider the total profile of a student that balances achievement in a variety of areas, not just test scores. We consider the quality of your high school curriculum and whether you elected to take more challenging courses. Work experience counts too! We look for creativity, leadership, and community involvement. In short, we seek academically able students who possess a variety of skills, talents, perspectives, and life experiences.

For more information about the Lyle school contact our undergraduate recruiting office at: 214-768-3041 or by email.

Engineering education beyond the baccalaureate degree may have one or any combination of the four objectives, some of which may relate only indirectly to a graduate degree:

  • Upgrading: taking advanced work to raise the level of one’s formal capabilities.
  • Updating: keeping one’s education current. Diversification: seeking to obtain formal education in another field, but not necessarily at a higher degree level.
  • Maturing: adding new perspectives on one’s own field without raising the academic level of the education.

Students choose to seek a master’s degree for one or more reasons. Start your journey today.

Deadlines and Dates for Master’s Programs    

Student Application for Master’s Programs

International Student Application for Master’s Programs

Off-Campus Program Application
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Non-Degree Seeking Application

For more information or questions concerning graduate study, contact us at: 214-768-2002 or by email

The Lyle School offers both a Doctor of Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Entrance into these programs is highly competitive and allows candidates to work on cutting edge research with top faculty in their disciplines.  Currently the Doctor of Engineering is offered with majors in engineering management and software engineering. The Doctor of Philosophy Degree may be pursued in areas that do not belong strictly to any one department but nevertheless are of interest to some faculty members of the school.

Deadlines and Dates for Doctoral Programs

Candidate Application for Doctoral Programs

International Candidate Application for Doctoral Programs

For more information or questions concerning doctoral study, contact one of our academic departments or our graduate admissions office at 214-768-2002 or by email.


The Lyle school offers several opportunities for professionals to further their technical skills and knowledge through our certificate programs. Offered as non-credit bearing certificates, students enroll in courses which can later be used as credit toward a master’s degree should the student decide to continue their educational pursuit.

Deadlines and Dates for Certificate Programs

Certificate Program Application

For more information on available certificate programs or to learn more about these programs, please contact our graduate admissions office at 214-768-2002 or by email.

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At the Lyle School we are changing the way people think about engineers. Through innovation and hands-on experiences we are attracting a diverse mix of talented students interested in making a difference in the world through engineering.

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