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At top public universities, a mixed record for women in engineering - The Washington Post 09/22/2016

Barbara Minsker appointed Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Bobby B. Lyle Professor of Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship - Press Release - 9/6/16

Professor MinJun Kim named Robert C. Womack Chair in Engineering - Press Release - 9/6/16

SMU announces dual MS ENG/MBA program in engineering and business - Press Release - 8/25/16

Jackie Galloway Celebrates Taekwondo Bronze with U.S., Mexican Fans - News Release 8/22/16

DISD, SMU to benefit from Dallas-based Texas Instruments' $5M STEM funding - Dallas Morning News 08/10/2016

Tiny Robots Swim Toward Better Healthcare - 05/13/2016

Mustang Sports Properties and Block Party Suites to Provide Premium Tailgate Experience to SMU Cox School of Business & Lyle School of Engineering - SMU Mustanges 08/02/2016

Ice In Her Veins And Gold On The Brain: North Texas Taekwondo Olympian Fights To Win - 07/18/2016

Gerald J. Ford Research Fellowship awarded to Dr. Ali Beskok - News Release 07/15/2016

Dr. Frederick R. Chang receives Gerald J. Ford Research Fellowship - News Release 07/15/2016

LULAC National Education Service Centers Inc. Announces ExxonMobil/LNESC Scholarship Program Recipients - 07/13/2016

Dr. Delores M. Etter, Caruth Professor of Engineering Education, to speak at Lyle commencement - News Release 05/13/2016

Bacteria Bots Steer Themselves - 05/13/2016

Fed economist: Texas resilient despite low oil prices - 04/29/2016

SMU engineering team to lead DARPA-funded research into holographic imaging of hidden objects - News Release 04/28/2016

Sevinç Şengör to research Enhanced Methane Generation at Denton Landfill - News Release 04/28/2016

Alumni Honoring Favorite Professor Through Cecil Smith Scholarship Fund - SMU Magazine 04/25/2016

Michael Hahsler joins Diabetes Research Team at UTSW as adjunct volunteer faculty - News Release 04/12/2016

Dick Barr receives Harvey J. Greenberg Award for Service by INFORMS Computing Society - News Release 04/07/2016

Green Power, Meet Fiddler (On The Roof) - Earth911 04/01/2016

SMU-Lyle seeking Executive Director, Hart Center for Engineering Leadership -

David W. Matula appointed the Cruse C. and Marjorie F. Calahan Centennial Chair in Engineering - News Release 03/18/2016

SMU disrupts design with new Master’s in art and design innovation - Daily Campus 03/03/2016

Don't miss the Dallas Festival of Ideas, where bright minds gather to shape our city's future - Dallas Morning News 02/11/2016

SMU Lyle School cyber defender Fred Chang named to National Academy of Engineering - News Release 02/10/2016

SMU announces new chair in engineering entrepreneurship - Dallas Innovates 02/03/2016

New endowed chair at SMU Lyle School to support engineering in pursuit of entrepreneurism - News Release 02/02/2016

SMU gets $2.5 million gift from energy magnate Bobby B. Lyle - The Dallas Morning News 02/02/2016

SMU-Lyle’s Master of Science in Datacenter Systems Engineering program graduates first student - News Release 01/27/2016

Xu Nie selected as 2016 ‘YOUNG ENGINEER OF THE YEAR’ by ASME North Texas Section - News Release 01/27/2016

Meet fifteen of the brightest college entrepreneurs and their innovative startups - Forbes 01/14/2016

Going for the gold at Rio 2016 - News Story 1/13/2016

8 niche degrees that can really pay off - USA Today News Story 12/23/2015

Gyungsu Byun Receives NSF CAREER Award - News Release 12/14/2015

Katie Krummeck reshapes the Deason Innovation Gym as a space for more than just engineering students - News Release 12/16/2015

SMU-Lyle’s Online Computer Science Program Ranked #1 by Students - News Release 12/15/2015

Student Research Showcased During 3rd Annual Lyle Research Day - News Release 12/10/2015

SMU Lyle women student engineers take first place in national wastewater engineering design competition - News Release 11/19/2015

SMU’s Lyle School celebrates 10 years of success enrolling women in engineering studies - News Release 11/19/2015

Cybersecurity: The hottest millennial career track - News Release 11/6/2015

The Evolving Security Budget: 3 New Ways CISOs Prioritize Spending - Information Week DARKReading News Story 11/04/2015

Cyber Security Experts Have High Demand, But a Huge Skills Gap - DesignNews News Story 11/03/2015

Increased cyber risks redefining the CISO - Healthcare IT News News Story 11/02/2015

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Dr. Eli Olinick - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 4/6/16

Dr. Jonathan Stolk - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 3/2/16

Dr. Yildirim Hurmuzlu - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 2/3/16

Professor Mark Fontenot - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 11/4/15

Dr. Delores Etter - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 10/7/15

Dr. Brett Story - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 9/2/15

Dr. Jennifer Dworak - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 4/22/15

Dr. Sevinc Sengor - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 4/8/15

Dr. Eric Larson - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 3/25/15

Dr. Scott Douglas - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 10/22/14

Dr. Tyler Moore - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 9/24/14

Professor Adam Cohen - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 4/23/14

Dr. Andrew Quicksall - Download Presentation - Program & Presentation 3/26/14

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