About Us

At the Lyle School we are changing the way people think about engineers. Through innovation and hands-on experiences we are attracting a diverse mix of talented students interested in making a difference in the world through engineering. With our bold vision and assertive attitude we continue to grow both our undergraduate and graduate student population from a broad range of extraordinarily talented students across the nation. In addition, we are fortunate to have one of the highest percentages of female engineering students anywhere, and maintain a commitment to be the first engineering school to reach gender parity in our student population.

Our faculty are recognized internationally for their remarkable contributions to engineering and society. This fall the Lyle School added five new faculty members to its ranks including Dr. Frederick R. Chang, former director of NSA Research and Cyber Security Expert.

Our strategic plan is inspired by a vision to be one of the most influential educational and research centers for engineering and technology on the globe – one whose work will define the new American engineer and restore our role as technology leaders and world changers.