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Big Opportunities with Big Data

If you are looking for the next big thing in business, look no further than Big Data. Businesses desire to capitalize on all the data that is generated by electronic interactions conducted by current and potential customers.

The Freakalytics blog ( provides information about Big Data and the opportunities it is creating. It includes articles about becoming a data analyst as well as highlighting that there aren’t enough talented and qualified people for the job market. For example, the article, “Accidental Analysis: What are they doing with my data?” discusses the importance of having the proper education to learn the steps for data analysis. Another article, “Recruit Better Data Analysts” recounts the struggle companies have finding good data analysts and the methods they are employing such as teaming with universities. It further states that companies are creating new positions to bring on people with these skills as they find them.

The Cox School of Business will be addressing this need starting in the Fall Semester when the first class pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics degree begins. This program is designed to meet the dual needs for Big Data analysis. Some students will prefer the Information Technology side where all of this data is organized. Others will focus on the Marketing side where the results are analyzed to guide business decisions. Learn more at the program website (
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