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JanTerm 2017 has concluded.


UC2012 & UC2016 Information

The JanTerm 2017 courses listed below meet SMU University Curriculum (UC2016; UC2012) requirements.
(Some courses also meet GEC requirements - please contact the University Curriculum Office, Clements Hall).

If you have any questions about your course requirements, please consult with your academic advisor.

ADV 2301 Consumer Behavior   IIC 1
ADV 2302 Advertising, Society, and Ethics


ANTH 3301 Health, Healing, and Ethics HSBS, HFA; GE, HD IIC 2, PRIE 2, GE, HD
APSM 2340 Coaching, Leadership, and Performance


ARHS 3368 Art and Context: 1940-1970 HFA, HSBS CA 2, HC 2
ARHS 3383 The Ancient Maya: Art and History


HC1, CA 2; GE, HD
ASDR 1300 Introduction to Drawing CA CA 1
BL 3335 Business Law (for business majors)


CCPA 3321 Communication in Global Context HSBS; GE IIC 2; GE
CHEM 1301 Chemistry for the Liberal Arts SE PAS 1
CHEM 1303 General Chemistry I SE, after lab completed PAS 1, after lab completed
CHEM 1304
General Chemistry II
SE, after lab completed PAS 1,after lab completed
CSE 1341 / ASIM 1310 Principles of Computer Science / Art and Code I
CA 1
DANC 1303 Beginning Modern Dance CA CA 1
ENGL 1365 Literature of Minorities LL; HD CA 1; HD
ENGL 3360 Dramatizing Revolution HFA; HD, OC CA 2; HD, OC
FILM 3351 International Film History CA, HC CA 1, HC 1
HDEV 1401 American Sign Language I


HIST 2312 Unfinished Nation: History Since 1877 IIC IIC 1
KNW 2399
Artists and the American Revolution: History, Fiction, and Film KNW KNW
HIST 3389 A Modern History of Palestine/Israel HC; GE, HD HC1, IIC1; HD, GE
KNW 2315 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ethnoviolence KNW KNW
KNW 2330 Spanish Civilization KNW KNW
MUHI 3340 Jazz: Tradition and Transformation CA; HD CA 1; HD
PHIL 1317 Business Ethics PRIE PRIE 1
PHIL 3363 Aesthetic Experience and Judgement CA; KNW CA 1; KNW
PRW 1101 Personal Responsibility and Wellness I PRW 2 PRW1
PRW 2112 Personal Responsibility and Wellness II: Physical Fitness: Walking PRW 2 PRW 2
PSYC 1300 Introduction to Psychology IIC IIC 1
SOCI 1300 Introduction to Sociology IIC; HD IIC 1; HD
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II GE, SL IIC 1; GE, SL
SPAN 3355 Spanish Conversation OC OC
STAT 2301 Statistics for Modern Business Decisions QF QF
THEA 2309 Theatre Movement for Non-Majors CA CA 1
THEA 2319 Fashion, History & Culture CA CA 1
 WL 3372  (Re)locating Latinos and their Cultures in the U.S.  LL; HD, OC  HD, OC


Please note: CF credit is NOT available from JanTerm courses.