WELL 2131: Choices II: Mountain Sports

Course Description

The J Term Mountain Sports class in Taos will be focused on winter mountain sports and fitness. Students will receive ski and snowboard instruction and participate in winter fitness activities like snowshoeing. In addition students will participate in group fitness classes. Flexibility training will be included to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and reduce the risk of injury.

Each student will be provided with a season pass to Taos Ski Valley, ski or snowboard equipment and snowshoes for use during J Term. A wide variety of group fitness classes will be available daily.

Instructor Biography

Anne Weil, MA is a Lecturer in the Applied Physiology and Wellness Department at SMU and Student Affairs Coordinator for the SMU in Taos Campus. Anne is delighted to have the opportunity to work with SMU students. Her approach to teaching and mentoring students is a co-collaborative effort where student and professor are accountable for creating a dynamic learning environment. She believes that small changes in one area of your life can have a significant impact on the whole. Students appreciate her humor, positive and enthusiastic attitude, and her commitment to their growth as a whole person.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

  • Course fulfills GEC Wellness II Requirement
  • Gain proficiency skiing or snowboarding
  • Experience a range of winter sports (Ski/Snowboard-Snowshoeing)
  • Participate in group fitness classes
  • Learn basic winter and avalanche safety
  • Have a great time working out and get fit
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