J Term


Feedback from Students

J Term on the SMU-in-Plano campus was first offered in January 2010. Here’s what students have said about their experience with the program:

“I enrolled in J Term because I was behind on my degree plan. I would definitely recommend J Term to others.”

“I feel like I retained a lot more than I would in the regular semester.”

“There was a higher level of interaction and participation.”

“Although it was intense, I learned a lot.”

“J Term is a huge opportunity for students and more people should take advantage of it. It is a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it is possible to master the subject.”

“I live within walking distance from main campus and am not used to the commute – but it wasn’t bad at all.”

“I recommend J Term to others, especially for a foreign language. It was an immersion in the language, which was very beneficial.”

“The class was small and intimate, which aided in learning and interacting with the instructor and classmates.”

“Even though we were in class six hours a day, my interest in the subject only increased as the course progressed.”

“I love the speed and ease of J Term. I may take it again.”

“I needed the credits to graduate. It is a good way to get emergency credits in interesting classes.”

“It was worth the money!”

“It was a good way to know your teacher along with the material in such an exclusive manner.”

“I really enjoyed the class that I took. My professor made a very manageable schedule and broke up the days with different things to keep our attention.”

“I am graduating in May and wanted to lighten my course load for my final semester.”

“It was inexpensive and an effective use of time that I really could not see many reasons not to take.”

“I enrolled in J Term to satisfy a general education requirement. I would not have been able to graduate on time without it.”

“It was one of the best and most useful classes that I have taken at SMU.”

“I wanted to get a head start on the semester and take something I was interested in that was different from my major.”

“I participated in J Term voluntarily, not out of necessity, and it was a great choice.”

“I was very impressed and will recommend J Term to anybody!”