J Term


J Term Enrollment Process For SMU Students

Please note that J Term 2014 courses are not initially available for registration through Access.SMU. There is a special J Term application and enrollment process; please follow these steps:

  1. You should first meet with your advisor to select your preferred J Term course and up to two (2) alternates. Then, complete the J Term application form where you will be asked to list up to three (3) courses in priority order. Some courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons, thus the need for you to identify up to three choices; if you don't have other course options, leave blank.

  2. The J Term application form should be submitted electronically or using the PDF version of the form. For best consideration, submit your application no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 22, 2013. After this date, late applications will still be considered although some courses will not be available or may have been cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

  3. PDF/paper application forms may be dropped off to the University Registrar Service Center on the first floor of Blanton or taken upstairs to the Taos/J Term office on the third floor of Blanton (Room 338), faxed to 214-768-1166, or sent to: jterm@smu.edu

  4. J Term application forms will be reviewed and processed in the order in which they are received. During the week after Thanksgiving, you will be notified by email of your final course selection and given permission to go into Access.SMU to officially enroll yourself for one (1) J Term course (plus Wellness/PRW II in Taos, if applicable). Any personal or financial ‘holds’ on your account will need to be cleared in order to register online and complete the enrollment process.

  5. Once you have received the J Term email granting you course permission(s), you will need to immediately register through Access.SMU to secure your seat in the course. If your plans change and you no longer wish to participate in J Term, please send an email to jterm@smu.edu and we will cancel your course permission. Permissions that are not picked up promptly will be cancelled.

Information For Non-SMU Students

It may be possible for non-SMU students to be admitted as a visiting or non-degree undergraduate student and enroll in one (1) J Term course. However, circumstances vary, so please contact the following individual for personal assistance:

Claire Brooks
SMU Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies and Visiting Students
Phone: 214-768-1014
Email: cbrooks@smu.edu

IMPORTANT: Click HERE for important information concerning the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine required by the newly REVISED Texas Law for new students under the age of 22.