STAT 5304:  Introduction to SAS

Course Description

SAS is the premier computer language for data analysis for a broad range of scientific, business, and organizational research. To address the explosion of information produced in the world today, this software provides a thorough and sophisticated tool for summarizing and interpreting this data. It’s also a key requirement for many careers that involve the analysis of data. This course introduces students to statistical computing with an emphasis on SAS programming. Students learn how to read, write, and import data; prepare data for analysis; use SAS procedures for common data analysis tasks; and create graphs. Bring your laptop!

Instructor Biography

Alan Elliott is the Director of the Statistical Consulting Center in the SMU Department of Statistical Science. He has taught SAS courses for over 15 years, has been a statistical consultant for over 30 years, and has written an introductory SAS text that is used in SAS courses world-wide. He holds an MBA from UTA and a Masters of Applied Statistics from SMU.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

Students will learn how to:

  • use SAS software, the most extensively used data analysis software tool worldwide
  • access information from a variety of data sources
  • combine, transform, and manipulate data sets
  • summarize, and interpret information from small to very large data sets
  • create informative graphs
  • analyze data using standard statistical techniques
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