ME 2342/CEE 2342: Fluid Mechanics

Course Description

An introduction to the concept of a fluid and how to apply the laws of motion to both static and moving fluids. Topics include static forces on submerged surfaces, Bernoulli’s equation, fluid motion in control volumes, differential equations of fluid motion, irrotational flow, similitude and dimensional analysis, flow in conduits (pipes), boundary layer theory, lift and drag.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Paul Krueger has degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BS) and Aeronautics (MS and PhD) from the University of California at Berkeley and Caltech, respectively. He has been teaching fluid mechanics and related topics at SMU since 2002. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Krueger has an active research program investigating various fluid flow phenomena, including aquatic jet propulsion as can be observed in squid locomotion. Dr. Krueger frequently uses simple in-class demonstrations based on his research to illustrate fluid flow concepts.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

This course will introduce and develop the basic math and physics to answer the following questions (and more!):

  • Why do container ships stay upright even though most of their mass is out of the water?
  • How does your pool cleaner suck up trash from the bottom of the pool?
  • Why do engineers use such small models to test the aerodynamics of their airplane and car designs?
  • Why should we use large pipes for water mains if they are so much more expensive than smaller pipes?
  • Why do golf balls have dimples and airplane wings do not?
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