Jan Term


Jan Term 2014 Courses at SMU-in-Plano

Program Dates: Monday, January 6 through Wednesday, January 15 (no weekend classes)

Most courses meet during the day, 9:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

A few courses meet during the afternoon/evening from 2:00 to 5:00 pm and 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: No CF credit is allowed in J Term. For courses that meet GEC/UC requirements, click here.

Morning/Afternoon Courses
9 a.m. to noon and
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Afternoon/Evening Courses
2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Travel Study Opportunity
Dates may vary and
additional fees apply.

Cox School of Business

Course  Title Faculty
MKTG 3310 Marketing Concepts
 Note: for non-business majors & business minors
Charles Besio
MNO 3310 Management Concepts
Note: for non-business majors & business minors
Pam Van Dyke

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

Course Title Faculty
ANTH 2301 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Faith Nibbs
ANTH 3334 Fantastic Archaeology: Mysteries and Puzzles Lia Tsesmeli
ANTH 3388 Warfare and Violence:
The Anthropology and History of Human Conflict

David Wilson
CHEM 1303 General Chemistry I Brian Zoltowski
CHEM 1304 General Chemistry II
 Prerequisite: Passing grade in CHEM 1303
David Son
ENGL 1365 Literature of Minorities Bruce Levy
ENGL 2322 Guilty Pleasures: What We Get from
Mystery and Detective Stories

Prerequisites: DISC 1312 or 2305; ENGL 1301 or 2305
Steven Weisenburger
ENGL 3367 Ethical Implications of Children’s Literature
Prerequisites: DISC 1313 or 2306; ENGL 1302 or 2306
Martha Satz
HIST 2311 Out of Many: U.S. History to 1877 Edward Countryman
HIST 2337 History of Sports in the U.S. Alexis McCrossen
HIST 3311 The Nineteenth-Century American West Andrew Graybill
PHIL 1306 Introduction to Philosophy:
Minds, Machines and Persons
Robert Howell
PHIL 1317 Business Ethics Nenad Popovic
PHIL 1318 Contemporary Moral Problems Ken Daley
PSYC 1300 Introduction to Psychology Michael Lindsey
SOCI 3345 Construction of Social Identities in the Media Sheri Kunovich
SPAN 3374 Topics in Spanish-American Civilization:
Issues Surrounding Spanish and Spanglish

 Prerequisite: SPAN 3358 or SPAN 4358
Joy Saunders
SPAN 5335 Genre Studies in Spain:
The Novel of the Transition to Democracy

 Prerequisite: C- or better in SPAN 4395
Olga Colbert
STAT 2301 Statistics for Business Decisions Jing Cao
STAT 2331 Introduction to Statistical Methods
 Prerequisite: GEC Math Fundamental or equivalent
Tony Ng
STAT 5304 Introduction to SAS
Prerequisites: STAT 1301, 2301, 2331 or equivalent
Alan Elliott

Lyle School of Engineering

Course Title Faculty
CSE 1340 Introduction to Computing Concepts
Kenneth Howard
ME 2331/
CEE 2331
Prerequisites: ME 2310,
MATH 2339 and CHEM 1303
José Lage
ME 2340/
CEE 2340
Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
Prerequisite: ME/CEE 2310
Usama El Shamy
ME 2342/
 CEE 2342
Fluid Mechanics
 Prerequisites: ME 2310, PHYS 1303, MATH 2339,
and MATH 2343; ME 2320 recommended
Paul Krueger
ME 3340 Engineering Materials
Prerequisites: CHEM 1303 & ME/CEE 2310
Wei Tong
ME 3350/
CEE 3350
Structural Analysis
Prerequisites: ME/CEE 2340
Brett Story

Meadows School of the Arts

Course Title Faculty
ARHS 3383
The Ancient Maya:
Art and History
Adam Herring
ASPH 1300 Basics of Photography
Debora Hunter
CCJN 4360 Women and Minorities in the Media
Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing
Camille Kraeplin
COMM 3321 Communication in Global Contexts Sandra Duhé
FILM 1301 The Art of Film and Media Kevin Heffernan
FILM 1302 Media and Culture Derek Kompare
FILM 2332  American Popular Film
(Topic: Hollywood in the 1960s)

Rick Worland
MSA 1315 Mass Media and Technology David Sedman
MUAS 1323  Exploring the Power of Music in our Lives:
From Chaos 2 Creation
Robert Krout
THEA 2311 The Art of Acting Jonathan (Jack) Greenman
THEA 2319 Fashion, History and Culture Claudia Stephens
CRCP 2310 Nature and Code (in Santa Barbara, CA)

Special Dates: January 2 - 10
Extra fees and travel costs apply
Prerequisites: instructor permission by
Nov. 13 and basic programming skills
Ira Greenberg
MSA 3330/
MSA 6330/
CSE 5390
Special Topics:
Nature and Code (in Santa Barbara, CA)

See information above.
Ira Greenberg

Simmons School of Education

Course  Title Faculty
APSM 2310 Contemporary Issues in Sports Management Michael Lysko
PRW-1 1101/
WELL 1101
Personal Responsibility and Wellness
One credit hour only
Donna Gober