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Kraven Manor



Kraven Manor




 Demon Wagon Studios

“A stunning game well above the standards of other horror titles out there.”   -

“When AAA quality meets indie horror”  -

“This game is phenomenal. One of the coolest horror games I’ve played. Genuinely scary.”  -  Jess McDonnell, Gamespot House of Horrors

“A horror indie masterpiece”  -

“I’m impressed… Ever have something so creepy hit you that it made you do a double take?”  -  Game Industry News

#1 out of 10 on Top 10 Free Horror Games video  -  Youtube reviewer PewDiePie

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This horror gaming experience invites players to turn out the lights and enter an immersive, atmospheric world. Kraven Manor challenges the player to explore an expansive manor where the player has the power to dynamically alter the game’s layout by interacting with a miniature scale model of the manor. The player explores the manor to find miniature models of rooms and carry them back to an increasingly elaborate puzzle. Wherever the player adds a model onto the scale model, the associated room moves and appears in real space. With each new room comes a new revelation of the troubling past of William Kraven and the growing threat of an evil presence that relentlessly follows you to the end of your journey.

During its six month development, Kraven Manor was originally designed with more focus on randomized, dynamic gameplay. The team’s greatest struggle and success came when redesigning the game’s focus after a weak Vertical Slice milestone, making the game more linear and developing the mantra, “Keep it Scary.” When the redesigned Kraven Manor was publicly beta tested online, the game received a response from the indie gaming community that exceeded the team’s wildest expectations.

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