Career Services

Career Services

Career Services

The Guildhall's graduate students and alumni are highly sought candidates for art, design, production, and engineering positions at game studios and technology companies worldwide. As part of our commitment to matching the right candidate with the opportunity, we offer a career services portal, GuildEdge, and a bi-annual Career Fair.

For questions or more information, please contact Adam Radford at or (972) 473-3564. To learn more about the assistance Career Services provides, review the chart of services.


Welcome to GuildEdge!

Available 24/7, the GuildEdge career services portal enables current Guildhall students and alumni to search for available jobs and internships, sign up for upcoming events, accept one-to-one interview opportunities, and connect directly with game studios and technology companies.

GuildEdge also allows hiring managers and company representatives to post job and internship opportunities, search for specific candidates based on their criteria, register for job fairs, arrange for onsite or virtual company presentations to the entire school, and much more.

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GuildEdge access for hiring managers and industry reps. GuildEdge access for current, active Guildhall students. GuildEdge access for Guildhall alumni seeking opportunities.