Core Courses

Core Courses

The digital game development curriculum includes a series of shared courses for study of the theory and practice of creating games. These courses provide a foundation in the history and business of the games industry, as well as the professional practices of game design and development.

At the heart of the Guildhall curriculum is the application these concepts to develop 2D and 3D games in multi-disciplinary teams. Cross-specialization student teams (artists, level designers, producers, and programmers), utilize studio space to form game concepts and build three games for their portfolios using current gaming equipment and technologies. All student work and games are featured at our bi-annual student Exhibition.

Common Themes

  • Team game production
  • Team formation and conflict resolution
  • Game user research
  • History of games
  • Game deconstruction
  • The business of digital games
  • Advanced research in games
  • User interface