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The Guildhall Academy
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Are you a serious game player who has what it takes to become a game maker? Have you ever considered studying video game development in college and turning your passion into a career? Then the Guildhall Advanced Game Design Academy is for you. 

What is The Guildhall Academy?

Celebrating its seventh year, this workshop is offered by the SMU-in-Plano Summer Youth Program in partnership with The Guildhall at SMU. The Advanced Game Design Academy offers two rigorous, fully immersive, two-week summer camps in which students will make a video game using cutting edge game engine technology, a cutting edge game engine developed by SMU graduate professors. The Academy students will be taught and mentored by game industry veterans, and will experience what professional game developers do on a daily basis during the two-week programs. 

Video Games are a $20 billion industry; see if you have what it takes to be a part of it!

Students should have a passion for games and intermediate technical skills, however specific knowledge related to game development is not required.

Students learn under the direction of SMU faculty and game industry veterans to:
· Design a platformer game
· Create unique art for their game and get it into the game engine
· Program gameplay using LUA 
· Apply game design and development skills to create their own 2D game using the same game tech used by Guildhall graduate students in their game production projects

We're always glad to answer questions!

If you want to find out more about The Guildhall Academy, or are interested in having a student attend next summer, please contact Rene Archambault at (972) 473-3539, or by email to