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Guildhall achievements featured by The Dallas Morning News

SMU makes footprint in video game world with Guildhall program

The Guildhall and its most recent accomplishments were featured by Andrew Scoggin in the neighborsgo section of the Dallas Morning News. The article discusses the history of The Guildhall, its mission, the ways the program and its faculty prepare students for their careers, and some of the achievements made by current students and graduates. The story also features the program's recent achievement of being named the No. 3 graduate school for game development in the country by the Princeton Review, Kraven Manor's win at the Intel University Games Showcase in March and its upcoming release on Steam.

SMU makes footprint in video game world

Cross Platform Gaming, image created by C18 student Trevor Hilz

SMU grad students game the system

Andrew Scoggins also published an Editor's Note about The Guildhall, in which he cited that he is a "sucker for old-school Nintendo games" and talked about finding an ally in Guildhall director Gary Brubaker, who also has a special place in his heart for retro titles. He also discusses the games made at The Guildhall like Kraven Manor, which look like big-budget titles but are developed in a fraction of the time.