Guildhall's 10th Anniversary

About The Guildhall
Guildhall 2003-2013

The Guildhall at SMU's
10th Anniversary

A Decade of Vision and Excellence

The Guildhall at SMU is celebrating its tenth anniversary as an institution. The Guildhall was created in 2003 as part of the Hart eCenter, and it is part of SMU-in-Plano. The goal of the program was to create the premiere graduate video game development program by combining the experience and knowledge of the video game industry with the academic excellence of SMU.

When The Guildhall opened its doors, it was the subject of late night talk show jokes that anyone could gain a formal education in video game development. Since then, The Guildhall has proven the complexity and value of the education it provides and has graduated more than 550 students. Guildhall alumni have worked at more than 200 studios around the world, and many have stepped into positions of leadership within the video game industry and beyond.

The Guildhall footprint continues to grow in the world of video games, simulation, visualization and business gamification. As more industries recognize and embrace the power and impact of gaming, the graduate program enters into its second decade with the expectation of achieving even bigger and better things and with dedication to continue providing education and research that fosters unique perspectives and abilities.

The Guildhall is proud of its students, alumni, faculty and staff, who set a high standard of excellence for our program and who have achieved many great things over the past 10 years. With their abilities and dedication, The Guildhall continues forward, producing the next generation of industry leaders and creative innovators.

The anniversary will be celebrated over the course of the coming year in various ways. Details about upcoming events will be posted to The Guildhall website and Facebook.

A Legacy of Industry Collaboration

Guildhall has always maintained a close relationship with the video game industry. This connection is reflected throughout our program; from the experience of our faculty, to the involvement of industry leaders providing valuable input into curriculum development. To see a listing of industry leaders that have served as speakers at Guildhall graduation, visit our Graduation Speakers page.

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