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Level Design FAQ

What kind of things will I learn in Level Design class?

2D game design, multiplayer game design, introductions to 3DS Max and Photoshop, and plenty of the basics that every Level Designer should know. Students also take Scripting and Art minors designed specifically for Level Designers, allowing them to decide which path they want their career to take. Students also work on team games in a modern-generation game engine while learning the advanced techniques and practices of Level Design.

What kind of applications will I be using?

You will use several applications, which will be available on your program-provided laptop when you attend SMU Guildhall, except for the game engines and editors. You will be told ahead-of-time which engines will be used and you are expected to purchase those games at the appropriate time.

  • Windows XP: If you don't know how to use Windows, learn it. All Guildhall computers are Windows-based and you don't want to be learning Windows at the same time as learning all the other applications, you'll just become confused and angry because you don't progress at the same pace as others.
  • MS Office: Know how to use Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • 3DSMax: Begins in Term 1 and continues all the way to Graduation.
  • Photoshop: Begins in Term 1 and is used most completely by those in the Art minor.
  • Level Editors: You will use a variety of level editors throughout the program, some used in the past are UnrealEd (Unreal Tournament 2004), Radiant (SiN/FAKK2/Quake3/Doom3/Quake4), Hammer (HalfLife2), Aurora (NeverWinter Nights).

Do not try to learn all the game engines at once. The Guildhall's curriculum is designed to build on basic concepts and increase knowledge over time.