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Career Services FAQ

Does SMU Guildhall help students find jobs?

Yes. Upon starting the program, students are introduced to the career development process through meetings with the Manager of Career Development. Throughout their time at SMU, they'll receive instruction in career planning, creating resume and cover letters, professional and social networking, interview techniques, and develop online portfolios. Our students also attend the leading game industry conferences, participate in campus job fairs, and attend career workshops.

What game companies hire SMU Guildhall graduates?

A sampling of studios, publishers, and companies that have hired Guildhall graduates can be found here.

Am I guaranteed a job or internship by attending SMU Guildhall?

No. The Manager of Career Development actively seeks out career opportunities and organizes events to assist students with their job search. While SMU cannot guarantee a student will get the job they're after, the program can open a number of doors that would normally be difficult to open alone.