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Art Creation FAQ

For admissions, can I copy photos to complete the portfolio assignment?

Some of you will undoubtedly have been taught that working from photographic reference is to be avoided. That is not the case in our courses. High quality reference (photographic or from life) is highly prized, even essential to the skills you will develop at SMU Guildhall. Composition and presentation always matter as do well-considered choices regarding value, hue, and chroma in colored works. We do prize works drawn from the imagination as well as those from solid reference. The non-human creature would be something in that vein. Even so, you can benefit from reference as to how light reflects from the creature’s skin and/or clothing.

Caveat: All that having been said, you must respect the copyrights of others. Do not use copyrighted photographic reference without the permission of the copyright holder (usually the photographer). Do not submit things drawn from the work of other artists. That includes commercial books on sketch techniques. Violation of these rules will result in an unfavorable review of your submission. HINT: The safest photographic reference is from photos you have taken yourself. Those are usually much better anyway since you get to control the setting, pose, and light.

How many terms of traditional drawing classes will I take?

Your first three terms at SMU Guildhall will include traditional drawing class, with an emphasis on the figure.