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Squirrel Eiserloh

Squirrel Eiserloh

Faculty, Software Development

(972) 473-3560
Office 109P

Squirrel Eiserloh is a veteran game programmer and designer seeking to find ways to help games discover their full potential as a medium. His interests lie in the curious intersections among math, design, programming, music, physics, education and games. Squirrel's path through game development has spanned a number of genres from early online MUDs to action/adventure/role-playing videogames, casual games, puzzle games, experimental games and shooters. A strong advocate of education and creative collaboration initiatives, he teaches video game programming as a faculty lecturer at The Guildhall at SMU. In his spare time, he organizes a group of area developers who conduct 48-hour experimental "game jam" sessions and serves on the board of the Dallas IGDA.

Professional Experience:

  • Technical Director and Game Designer — TrueThought
  • Technical Director — MumboJumbo Games
  • Technical Director — Ritual Entertainment

Games shipped:

  • Anachronox - (PC, Eidos), 2001
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II (PC, Activision), 2003
  • Counter-Strike for Xbox (Xbox, Microsoft), 2003
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (PC, Vivendi), 2004
  • Backyard Wrestling 2 (PS2 / Xbox, Eidos), 2004
  • SiN Episodes: Emergences (PC, Valve), 2006
  • 25 to Life (PS2 / Xbox / PC, Eidos), 2006
  • Quake 4 (Xbox 360 / PC, Activision), 2006
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360 / PC, EA), 2007
  • The Office (PC, MumboJumbo), 2007
  • Luxor 3 (Wii / PC, MumboJumbo), 2007
  • Polar Bowler (Nintendo DS / PC, MumboJumbo), 2008
  • Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife (PC, MumboJumbo), 2008
  • Little Farm (PC, MumboJumbo), 2008
  • Discovery! Seek & Find Adventure (Mac OSX / PC, MumboJumbo), 2008
  • Everyday Genius: SquareLogic (iPad / PC, MumboJumbo), 2009
  • Fallen Shadows (PC / iPhone, Happy Muffin Top), 2011


  • BA in Physics — Taylor University