Jani Kajala

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Jani Kajala

Jani Kajala’s expertise in 3D-graphics programming ushered him into the video game industry in 1996, after which he worked on software projects ranging from games to 3D-technology development, web services, mobile games and multi-touch systems software.  Jani’s game programming titles include Max Payne, Thrust, Twist’n’Turn, Sega Rally Revo and Need for Speed Carbon

Business and entrepreneurial acumen emerged at the age of eighteen when Jani co-founded his first game company, a trend that continued with subsequent game and software company launches, including 3D-mobile game startup, Pixelgene, which was purchased in 2006 by Rovio Mobile, one of the largest European independent developers at that time.  His work has taken him all over the globe for some of the biggest players in the mobile game industry, including Real Networks, Electronic Arts Mobile and Nokia.

Jani has Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University with minors in mathematics and physics. He is also a published author and visiting lecturer in several conferences and universities.