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New Students Transferring to SMU

Transfer credit may be awarded for college courses a student takes prior to matriculation at SMU, including courses a student takes before graduating from high school, if the courses meet the criteria for transfer work outlined in the Admission to the University, Transfer Admission Criteria section of this catalog.  Credit may be denied for educational reasons.

The following information has been compiled by SMU's Division of Enrollment Services, which includes the Office of Undergraduate Admission and the University Registrar's Office, to facilitate transfer to the University for prospective transfer students.Students in Front of Blanton Building

Students with more than 30 transferable hours may be admitted directly to the school of their intended major if the admission requirement of that school has been met. Below are links to individual schools at SMU.

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Enforcement Actions Against Institutions Violating the Texas Education Code

Listed on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board are administrative or legal actions taken by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Office of the Attorney General, or local law enforcement for violations of the Texas Education Code or other statutes related to private colleges and universities. Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean the institution offers fraudulent or substandard degrees.