Additional questions may be e-mailed to Please allow a couple of days for a response.

A1. There are no printed versions of the Schedule of Classes available. The course offerings are available on my.SMU--Class Search along with the web version under Class Schedule Information for the designated term.

A2. Students and alumni may request official transcripts online or in person. Currently enrolled students may request unofficial transcripts through my.SMU.

A3. Grade sheets are entered online by instructors and are posted daily. Grades may be viewed the next day using my.SMU. my.SMU may be accessed by clicking on the link to the left or by typing in the web address: Your login ID required is the 8-digit number on your student ID card. For help on logging into my.SMU please link to the following web site: my.SMU Help. Due to the new online implementation of grades, grade information is NOT given out over the phone and official grade reports are NOT mailed to the student's permanent address.

A4. Once a student has been admitted to the University, the student will be mailed his email address and ID (under separate letters) with instructions for setting up a password.

A5. All students are to provide the University registrar a current home and mailing address, telephone number (cell number if available), and emergency contact. Under Personal Information on my.SMU, all students must provide accurate information as requested.

After verifying this information in each of the requested areas, the student must check the appropriate box to indicate that the information has been updated and verified. At that time, a date will appear indicating that the information had been verified and/or updated.

It is very important that all students go into my.SMU under Personal Information and check the accuracy of this information. If this information is not verified in a timely manner, a HOLD might be placed on student accounts for any future enrollment terms at SMU.

University policy requires that all students have current home address (local), mailing address, and telephone information on file as well as a cell number if available. Students may have other address types on file, including a Residence Address where you are currently living (street number, street name, city, state --- a P.O.Box is not valid for this address type).

To change a parent address, please send the updated information to Click for information that needs to be included.

A6. The University Registrar is located on the ground floor of Laura Lee Blanton Student Services' Building. Office hours are 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. on Wednesday.

A7. Students wanting to change their course schedules are encouraged to seek assistance from their advisor when considering dropping or adding a course. Add/Drops may be processed by using my.SMU. If a department approval is required, the student will need to go to the designated department to receive permission. The student’s ID will be entered in the appropriate class thus giving the student the ability to add that class on my.SMU.

  1. Student Athletes: Consult with the Athletic Compliance Office prior to attempting to drop a course to review the effects the drop might have on your athletic participation and aid. The consultation is advisory, and the choice to drop a course is yours to make. After the consultation, the Compliance Office will adjust your hours accordingly and then drop you from the designated course.

  2. International Students: If a drop will take you to fewer than 12 hours, you should consult with the International Center. After the consultation, the International Office will adjust your hours accordingly and then drop you from the designated course.

  3. Students on Merit or Need Based Financial Aid: If a drop will take you to fewer than 12 hours, you should consult with your financial aid adviser prior to attempting to drop a course. Your financial aid adviser will be able to tell you any effects the drop will have to your aid. After the consultation, you can process a drop through self-service in my.SMU should that be your decision. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or your financial aid, contact Marcia Miller, Associate Financial Aid Director.

A8. Students must file an "Application for Candidacy to Graduate" form with their academic dean during the term in which they are scheduled to complete all degree requirements. Applications should be filed by the deadline date in the University Calendar. If the student is working toward more than one degree objective, an ACG needs to be filed with each school of record. For example, a student working toward a BA in Dedman and a BM in Meadows needs to see the academic dean for Dedman College and Meadows. Applications cannot be accepted after the graduation date.

A9. Changes to school, major, minor, classification, degree, multiple curriculum, catalog years and anticipated graduation date may be made by contacting the student's academic dean.

A10. A grade change must be initiated by the instructor who taught the course and authorized by the department chair and course dean. Once the grade change form is received in the University Registrar's Office, the change is processed usually that same day and the student may view it the next day using my.SMU.

A11. Students may request an enrollment verification by mail, fax, or in person. A request should include the student's full name while enrolled, student ID#, SSN, date of birth, last date enrolled, information to be verified, address where verification is to be sent, and student's signature. Processing time is normally 2 days. There is a $9.00 charge for enrollment and degree verification from third party requests. You may pay by check, money order, Visa or MasterCard, or purchase order. Please include payment with your request.

  • Mail: University Registrar's Office, PO Box 750181, Dallas, TX 75275-0181

  • Fax: (214) 768-2507

  • Phone: (214) 768-3417

  • In Person: Laura Lee Blanton Student Services' Building Enrollment Services' Service Desk, Ground Floor 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Wednesday

Students are required to show photo identification if picking up their enrollment verification. If a verification is to be released to a third party, written authorization from the student is required. Parents may obtain their student's enrollment verification provided they have a written authorization from their student or a signed affidavit stating that the student is their financial dependent according to IRS regulations.

A12. New and Readmitted students begin with the Admissions Office or admitting school for matriculating/deposit/transcript clearance. Following acceptance, students are given a date to meet with their advisor.

  • Undergraduate Students:

    • Reception Desk on Second Floor of Laura Lee Blanton Student Services' Building, (214) 768-2058

  • Evening Degree Students:

    • Reception Desk on Second Floor of Laura Lee Blanton Student Services' Building, (214) 768-2058

  • Non-Degree/Visiting Students:

    • 6410 Airline Road, (214) 768-4272

  • Graduate/Professional Students:

    • Arts- 1120 Owen Arts Center, (214) 768-3765

    • Business-

      • MBA 125 Fincher, (214) 768-2630

      • EMBA 125 Fincher, (214) 768-3154

    • Dedman - 336 Dallas, (214) 768-4345

    • Engineering - 315 Caruth Hall, (214) 768-3037

    • Law - 125 Storey Hall, (214) 768-2552

    • MLA - 6410 Airline, (214) 768-4273

    • Theology - 203 Kirby Hall, (214) 768-2152

Instructions for web registration and other enrollment procedures may be found on the Registrar's Home Page at:

A13. Instructions regarding withdrawal procedures are found on the Enrollment section of Registrar’s site at:

A14. You may download the web form by clicking here. The audit course instructor's signature/approval is required on the form as well as the Academic Dean or Records Office, Student Financial Office, and University Registrar's Office. The auditor must pay the audit fee in the Student Financial Services' Office before attending any classes. Bring the completed form to the Enrollment Services' Service Desk, Ground Floor in the Laura Lee Blanton Student Services' Building.

A15. Undergraduate students may transfer no more than 15 hours to SMU from accredited colleges and universities once they have matriculated at SMU. Petitions to attend another college or university must be completed and approved in advance by the chair of the department that offers the course at SMU as well as the student's advisor and academic dean. Petition forms are available in the undergraduate academic deans' offices. Permission may be denied for educational reasons. Following the completion of the work, the student is responsible for having an official transcript sent directly to the University Registrar's Office, Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750181, Dallas, TX 75275-0181. Graduate/Professional students need to contact their academic dean regarding transfer credit policy.

A16. Students may take one course per semester on a Pass/Fail basis. The maximum total credits with a grade of pass which may count toward a degree is 12 hours. Students must indicate intention to take courses Pass/Fail no later than the twelfth day of classes (the fourth day in summer terms) by filing a form available in their academic dean's office. If a course is graded Pass/Fail for all students by departmental policy, a declaration by the student is not required. A failed course cannot be repeated on a Pass/Fail basis, except for courses designated as Pass/Fail courses. Students should consult their advisors/academic deans before declaring the Pass/Fail option for any course, as some courses may not be taken Pass/Fail.

A17. Prospective students obtain a catalog by clicking here for the online catalog.

Graduate/Professional Students:

  • Arts- 202 Umphrey Lee Center, (214) 768-3765

  • Business-

    • MBA 125 Fincher, (214) 768-2630

    • EMBA 125 Fincher, (214) 768-3154

  • Dedman- 336 Dallas, (214) 768-4345

  • Engineering- 101 Caruth, (214) 768-3062

  • Law- 125 Storey Hall, (214) 768-2552

  • MLA- 6410 Airline, (214) 768-4273

  • Theology- 203 Kirby Hall, (214) 768-2152

Continuing students obtain a catalog from their academic dean.

  • Undergraduate Students:

    • Arts- 202 Umphrey Lee Center

    • Business- 252 Maguire

    • Dedman and Evening Degree- 109 Clements

    • Engineering- 134 Embrey

    • Summer Studies - 100E Blanton

  • Graduate/Professional Students:

    • See location under prospective students above.

1st digit Century Mark
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3rd digit
Calendar Year
4th digit Term Indicator
  1. January Term
  2. Spring Term
  3. May Term
  4. Summer Term
  5. August Term
  6. Fall Term


  • 0994 = Summer term, 1999
  • 1066 = August term, 2006
  • 1107 = Fall term, 2010
  • 1111 = January term, 2011
  • 1142 = Spring term, 2014
  • 1203 = May term, 2020