Athletics - Sports Pack

All students who pay the maximum General Student Fee automatically receive the Sports Pack. Both Undergraduate and Graduate students taking 11 hours or less may purchase the Sports Pack. The Sports Pack allows students to attend all regularly scheduled SMU sporting events on campus, including football and basketball. When purchased, the bearer will then only need to show their SMU ID upon entering the stadium to gain admission for an event.

Y. $85 - Sports Pack option for students enrolled in less than 12 hours. N. None - Paying the full-time General Student Fee, or do not wish to purchase. The Sports Pack is included for students paying the maximum General Student Fee.

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Health Center

Mandatory Health Insurance

SMU is very concerned about the health and well-being of all students and we at the Student Health Center are here to serve and provide students with medical care while attending the University. In order to establish students have appropriate health care coverage, a mandatory health insurance requirement was passed by the President's Executive Council in February of 2008. This mandatory health insurance policy requires domestic students enrolled in nine or more credit hours and international (F-1 visa holders) students taking one or more credit hours to maintain insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. This policy applies to both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

SMU has partnered with Academic Health Plans and Aetna Student Health to offer those students in need of health insurance coverage a student-focused comprehensive medical plan designed to provide convenient and affordable access to medical care whether at school, at home and while traveling or studying abroad. To view the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) please visit

Beginning November 2, 2009, SMU's mandatory policy requires those students with the enrollment status mentioned above to provide documentation of current insurance coverage or to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students will do so by selecting the "Health Insurance" Button in the Student Center component of my.SMU. For students already maintaining their own private coverage the student must waive SHIP coverage in order to avoid automatic enrollment into SHIP and thereby have a premium charge  applied to the student's university account.

For more information on how to WAIVE or ELECT coverage please visit

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Meadows* - Entertainment Voucher

The Meadows Entertainment Voucher is an opportunity to take advantage of many different cultural activities on the SMU campus. This voucher provides the bearer with six tickets that may be used for any production from the Meadows School of the Arts' departments of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Y. $30 N. None
Meadows Entertainment Voucher option. Student does not wish to purchase the Meadows Entertainment Voucher.

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Meal Plan

As part of your living and learning experience, all resident students are required to have a Dining Membership. Commuter students may also subscribe to a meal plan.

For a complete listing of each membership's benefits visit


All student motor vehicles parked at anytime on University property must have a valid parking permit. Permits purchased during the Fall semester are valid for the entire academic year.

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Pony Express

Pony Express is a pre-paid debit account available to all students. Account holders may present their SMU ID card in lieu of cash to make purchases throughout campus. Pony Express accounts are honored at all dining facilities on campus at individual meal plan rates. Pony Express may not be substituted for required resident meal plans.

A. $200 B. $400 C. $600
$200 worth of debit credit. $400 worth of debit credit. $600 worth of debit credit.
D. $800 E. $1,000 N. None
$800 worth of debit credit. $1,000 worth of debit credit. Student does not wish to purchase Pony Express credit.

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Publications* - Yearbook/Campus Newspaper

All students may order SMU's award-winning student yearbook, Rotunda, and may order a subscription to SMU's award-winning student newspaper, The Daily Campus, to be sent home to their families (newspaper is distributed free on campus). There are two options available--Yearbook/Newspaper combo OR the Yearbook only.

A. $180.00 B. $70.00 N. None
Full Year Yearbook/ Newspaper Subscription Yearbook Student does not wish to purchase Yearbook/Campus Newspaper

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Changing a Saved Selection

If you originally selected NONE, or never selected your Campus Essentials, you may still purchase Campus Essentials through the fifth class day for the Fall/Spring term or the second class day for the Summer term. Simply go to my.SMU and select Campus Essentials. Then select the Campus Essentials you want to purchase. If you need to make any changes to saved Campus Essentials information:

Contact the Park 'N Pony office for Parking, Meal Plan, and Pony Express changes. Location: 6116 N. Central Expressway (at SMU Blvd.) located in Expressway Tower - Suite 101 Phone: 214-768-PARK or 214-768-PONY

Contact Student Financials for all other changes. Location: Laura Lee Blanton Building Student Services' Building Phone: 214-768-3417

*Designates options that are nonrefundable.

All fees listed are subject to change.