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Most undergraduate and graduate classes now require an online course evaluation be completed in Blackboard at the end of the term instead of the usual paper evaluation. During a three-week window (last week of classes, exam week, week after exams), students are notified to log-in to Blackboard and complete their course evaluations. Failure to do so prevents them from viewing their grades through the Student Center in my.SMU (self-service). For non-compliant students, instead of the grade(s) displaying on the screen, a symbol (three asterisks) appears with the message, “***Course Evaluation needs to be completed to view grade. Click here to complete the evaluation” ( student is taken to Blackboard). Also, the URL links for eDPR and Unofficial Transcript, displayed on the Student Center, are hidden if an evaluation is not completed. Grades appear immediately once the online course evaluation has been completed. When all outstanding evaluations are completed, the URL links (eDPR and Unofficial Transcript) also reappear. Posted grades are available for administrative use in determining satisfactory progress regardless of online course evaluation completion.