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Types of Aid

Financial Aid for Summer Semester

General information about summer semester at SMU can be found at the SMU's Summer in the City.

Summer Term Financial Aid Eligibility

Students who came in as freshman are allowed SMU institutional aid for 2 Summer terms. Transfer students are allowed 1 Summer term of institutional aid. To be eligible to receive Federal and/or SMU institutional aid, students must be enrolled in at least 6 hours and have received financial aid financial aid during the academic year.

Do I need to apply for summer financial aid?

Absolutely! Students must submit their summer financial aid application to their financial aid advisor by the priority deadline listed at the top of the application. The summer financial aid application is located in the Financial Aid forms library.

You can use FA Pony Tracks to track your summer aid processing. We'll also send you an email notice when your summer financial aid package is finalized.

Summer aid will be prorated based on your enrollment

Since enrollment periods vary during the summer (a course may last a few days or all summer) your aid may be prorated based on YOUR summer enrollment period. Also, summer disbursement cannot occur until 10 days prior to YOUR first day of summer enrollment.