Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online we accept check and credit card payments. Electronic check payments can be made from your personal bank checking or savings account without charge. We accept credit card payments using MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Please note that there is a 2.75% service charge assessed to all credit card payments imposed by our third party servicer. We also accept paper checks, cash, money orders, cashier's checks, and direct wiring of funds without additional charges.

We also offer a number of payment plans. For more information, see our Payment Methods page. Please note: you will get a late payment fee if you have not signed up for your payment plan by payment due date.

We opted not to accept Visa payments so that echeck payments could be processed without a service fee assessed.

Payments can be made online by electronic check or credit card:
Students can log into Access then click on the link to SMUPay.
Parents and other authorized payers log into SMUPay to view bills and make payments.
Third parties can make payments as a guest. Guest payers need to know the student ID number, which account is being paid (student or miscellaneous) and the amount owed.
There is no fee charged for making an e-check payment online. Electronic credit card payments are processed by a Third party and are charged a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.75%. Payments made online will post immediately in most cases.

Payments can be mailed to:

Postal Address

Southern Methodist University
Attn: University Bursar
P.O. Box 750181
Dallas, TX 75275-0181
Overnight Address

Southern Methodist University
Attn: University Bursar
Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building
6185 Airline Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Payments can be wired to:

Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase
Bank Address: One Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY 10004
Bank of ABA Number: 021000021
Account Number: 817251465
Swift Code: CHASUS33
Account Name: SMU - Transfer Account
(Include Student's name, SMU ID number and amount of the wire)

Payments can be made in person:

Payments can be made in person at the Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building on the First Floor. Office hours are 9:00 a.m-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10am- 4pm on Wednesday.

We issue tuition bills only once each term. If the invoice amount isn't current, please click on the View Accounts tab and check the current balance line. If further information is needed, use the Select Action Drop Down to view further details.

If you are reviewing a summer balance you may also see your fall charges posted. In this case please reference your 'current account balance' on Access.SMU. Regardless of the "suggested amount" in the payment box you can enter any dollar amount when you pay.

All students have two accounts. The Student Account is where tuition, fees, room, board, parking permits and health insurance are posted. The Miscellaneous Account is where bookstore charges, Health Center charges, parking citations and various other charges are posted. These accounts are billed separately and usually paid separately.

Please note: If you enter the same amounts in both boxes on the Make Payment page you will be charged twice.

Payment due dates for each term are on our websites's Payment Due Dates page.

Balances on the Student account are billed according to the term while Miscellaneous account charges are billed monthly if applicable.

Invoice and statement notifications are sent via email to each student's SMU e-mail account and to all others whom the student has set up as an Authorized Payer on their account. There are several options available to students who need to provide billing information to parents or others: students are able to print their bill in PDF format, forward to whomever they like, or set others up an Authorized Payer on their account.

Only accepted loans, grants and scholarships are listed on the invoice. If your aid is not all listed you need to first check your Pony Tracks to make sure you have accepted all the aid. If you have and you still do not see it on your invoice you may then contact your financial aid counselor to make sure your processing is complete.

Refunds are processed continuously throughout the year. Students do not initiate their refunds.

If the proceeds from student loans have been received by SMU prior to the first day of class and the student is eligible for a refund, the Office of the University Bursar will automatically begin processing refunds for mailing a paper refund check, or direct deposit (ACH transaction) at the time the proceeds are posted to the student's tuition account. Federal regulations state that the earliest date a refund can be processed, if the funds are on the tuition account, is 10 days prior to the first day of class. Additionally, federal regulations require SMU to process refunds within 14 days from the first day of class of a student's primary academic career. If loans are received after the first day of class, students need to allow 14 days from the date the proceeds are applied to the tuition account for a refund to be processed.

Refunds for students with AMS Payment Plans or PLUS loans will be made payable to the bill payer or parent and mailed to the address on record. PLUS loan refunds may be made payable to the student if the borrower submits the PLUS Loan Release Form obtained from the Bursar's Office.

Refunds are processed via credit card, direct deposit to the student's bank account, or mailed. If mailed, student account refunds are sent to the home address in Access whereas miscellaneous account refunds are sent to the mailing address in Access.

Refunds for students with AMS Payment Plans or PLUS loans will be made payable to the bill payer or parent. Plus loan refunds can be made payable to the student if the borrower submits a PLUS loan release form to the Bursar's office.

Personal Payments: refunds from personal payments (e-checks or check payments mailed in) are processed two weeks after the date the payment was applied to the account by direct deposit or paper check.

Credit Card: If a payment was made to your account with a credit card please be aware that we will always return any refund back to the credit card first before refunding by check or direct deposit. This is the case regardless of federal aid being on the account. Please note that the credit card service charge that was assessed at the time of the credit card payment is non-refundable.

Direct Deposit: It is the student's responsibility to update banking information when applicable.

Please note that if a student is not signed up for direct deposit the refund will be sent by check. Our servicer for the refund checks is off site. Refund check may take up to 3 weeks to be mailed.

If you have a financial hold, the only way to clear it is to pay it. This can be done by viewing your account at Access.smu.edu and paying online. If you have questions regarding your hold, please contact us.

Questions can be directed to (214) 768-3417 or e-mailed to enrol_serv@smu.edu.

Please note that some holds are placed by other departments and will need to be cleared through that specific department.

All payments and financial aid are due in our offices by the payment due date. This includes all charges on the student's account (tuition, fees, room board, optional fees).

If financial aid cannot be disbursed until after the due date, students having aid will not be charged the late fee until after the disbursement as long as they have paid any amount not covered by aid by the payment due date and the student applied for aid in a timely manner.

The student is responsible for reviewing their financial aid prior to each payment due date and ensuring that the personal payment portion of the balance is paid on or before payment due date.

Please note: if you are using a payment plan for a portion or all of your payment you must sign up for the payment plan by the term payment due date regardless of the date the first payment is due. Otherwise, you may incur the late payment fee.

Questions and clarifications about this can be directed to (214) 768-3417 or emailed to enrol_serv@smu.edu.

Late fees are assessed based on the balance due.

Balances from $250-$999.99 are charged $50.

Balances from $1000-$5000 are charged $150.

Balances over $5000, are charged 3% of the outstanding balance, up to a maximum of $750 per term.

Also, after the monthly payment due date has passed, a 1.5 percent past due fee on the unpaid balance will be assessed to both the student and miscellaneous accounts.

SMU permits students to have purchases from the SMU Bookstore and the SMU Computer Corner charged directly to their miscellaneous student accounts. Charges are billed monthly and are due on the date provided on the bill. Students with outstanding balances on their miscellaneous student account will be charged 1.5 percent monthly on the past due balance. Students who have an outstanding balance during their tenure at SMU may lose their privilege to make direct charges from the SMU Bookstore and the SMU Computer Corner. Repeated delinquencies on the account and/or returned checks will remove the privilege for the student for the remainder of his/her matriculation at SMU.

1098T forms are mailed in January to all student's mailing address (not the home address). Please make sure your mailing address is current. The information on the form reflects the amounts billed to the student including tuition charges, scholarships and grants that were posted in the tax year (January 1 through December 31 of that year). Please note that the 1098-T form will not include your personal payments. You will need to reference your personal financial records to review your personal payments to SMU. Information regarding this form or for another copy of this form, please go to www.1098-T.com then click on Access My Record and enter your Social Security Number. or call our service provider ACS at 1-877-467-3821.

Why does the amount on my 1098-T seem less than the charges from last year?

Please also note that in most cases Spring semester charges are posted in the previous tax year when students register and will be reflected on the previous year 1098-T.