Symposium Schedule

Spring Symposium Schedule

 Thursday, February 6 - HT Forum

SESSION 1:  9—9:20 a.m.


9:05 YAZEN ABUSAD, Computational Study of Nitric Oxide Autoxidation Mechanism Using Quantum Chemistry Methods, Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Dr. Peng Tao

9:10 ERIC ALT, Design of "Chemical Cleaners" for Removing Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils and Waters, Majors: CHEM, ME; Mentor: Dr. Dieter Cremer

9:15 Q&A

SESSION 2:  9:20—9:50 a.m.

9:20 BINH DOAN, Deloitte Consulting Internship Experience, Major: EMIS, MATH; Mentor:

9:25 MEREDITH TAVALLAEE, Recent National Treasure Acquired by the Louvre, Major: ARHS, ENGL; Mentor: Dr. Pamela Patton

9:30 DEREK HAWKES, American Orchestras and Their Utilization of Mobile Technology for Increasing Revenue, Major: PERB, AMAE; Mentor: Dr. Maria Dixon

9:35 CLAIRE CARSON, Lifted, Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith

9:40 Q&A

SESSION 3:  9:50—10:20 a.m.

9:50 PARMINDER DEO, Residential Commons: Oxford at SMU, Major: BIOL, JOUR; Mentor: Dr. Dan Orlovsky

9:55 ZACHARY FRISKE, Operation HeartSafe, Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Mr. Lee Arning

10:00 RICKY MOUSER, Undergraduate Research, Major: PHIL, STAT, PSYC, SPAN; Mentor: Dr. Bob Kehoe

10:05 Q&A

SESSION 4:  10:15—10:45 a.m.

10:15 DELANAH COLBERT, Feeding Practices in Cusco, Peru , Major: INTL; Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris

10:20 GHAZALA JANMOHAMED, Bringing Past to Public, Major: ANTH, INTL; Mentor: Dr. Mike Adler

10:25 SARAH MONTONCHAIKUL, Guide to Conserving Pithoi, Past and Present: Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, Major: ARHS, FREN; Mentor: Dr. Greg Warden

10:30 MORGAN CAIN, Unearthing the Russian Green Consumer, Major: ECON, MKCL; Mentor: Anne Lincoln

10:35 Q&A

SESSION 5:  10:45 —11 a.m.


10:50 RAHFIN FARUK, Soft Collateral: The Growing Linkages Between Migration and Microfinance, Major: ECON, PLSC, PP, RELI; Mentor: Dr. James Hollifield and Dr. Ben Wallace

SESSION 6:  11 —11:30 a.m.

11:00 MICHAEL GRAVES, Telling our Story; United Methodist Engagement in the 21st Century, Major: COMM, RELI; Mentor: Dr. Maria Dixon

11:05 EMILY MANKOWSKI, Asylum Seekers and the Politics of Immigration in Australia, Major: HRTS; PLSC; Mentor: Dr. Rick Halperin

11:10 BASMA RAZA, Doing Diversity Well on Campus and Beyond, Major: COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch

11:15 Q&A

SESSION 7:  11:30 a.m.—12:10 p.m.

11:30 JOSHUA ABRAMOVITCH, Development of a Silicon PIN Diode X-Ray Detector, Major: PHYS, ME; Mentor: Dr. Andy Liu

11:35 FANTINE GIAP, The Spread of Cancer Knowledge Through Pamphlets, Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Thomas Carr

11:40 JAISON THOMAS, Health Literacy: A Tale of Two Cities, Major: BIOL, FINA; Mentor: Dr. Teresa Strecker

11:45 HAYLEY WAGNER, Immigrant Health: A Needs Assessment of the DFW Congolese Population, Major: ANTH, FREN, HRST; Mentor: Dr. Victoria Lockwood

11:50 LAURYN BODDEN, Bite Me: Food and Culture, Major: APSM, COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch

11:55 Q&A

INFO SESSION: 12:10-12:30 p.m.

Information about the Engaged Learning project. Free lunch outside the Forum.

SESSION 8:  12:30 —12:45 p.m.

12:30 ELLE HOLBROOK, Passive Water Distillation, Major: BSCE; Mentor: Dr. Andrew Quicksall

12:35 TAYLOR HENRY, Passive Water Distillation - Modeling Evaporation and Precipitation, Major: BSCE; Mentor: Dr. Andrew Quicksall

12:40 Q&A

SESSION 9:  12:45 —1:25 p.m.

12:45 YUSRA JABEEN, Face of Homelessness, Major: JOUR, HRTS; Mentor: Dr. Robert Hart

12:50 GOKE AKINNIRANYE, The Dual Impact of Stereotype Threat and Solo Status on the Intellectual Performance of African-Americans, Major: PSYC, MKCL; Mentor: Dr. Anthony Cortese

12:55 REBECCA SWARM, Success by the Plateful: Rates of Successful Adjudicated Youths in Vocational Tracks, Major: SOCI; Mentor: Dr. Sheri Kunovich

1:00 DANIEL BROCK, An Ethical Look at Hydraulic Fracturing, Major: MNO; Mentor:

1:05 KIRSTEN JOHANSSON, Oceanic Conservation in Australia and the United States, Major: ENVR, PP; Mentor: Dr. H. Troy Stuckey

1:10 Q&A

SESSION 10:  1:25 —2:05 p.m.

1:25 KRISTEN KELSO, Performing in the Streets, Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith

1:30 LAUREN MISHOE, Mother's Song, Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Rhonda Blair

1:35 ALEXANDRIA STINGER, Tomorrow's Song, Major: DANC, ADV; Mentor: Dr. Shelley Berg

1:40 RACHEL WILSON, British Invasion, Major: FILM; Mentor: Dr. Shelley Berg

1:45 TYRONE DAVIS, A Day in Bali at SMU, Major: BIOL; Mentor: Mr. Jamal Mohamed

1:50 Q&A

SESSION 11:  2:05 –2:20 p.m.

2:05 MIKE REN, Allure and Impact of Fast Food in China, Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Richard Jones

2:10 JEFFREY HE, Cultural Impact of Western Fast Food on China, Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Guangyan Chen

2:15 Q&A

SESSION 12:  2:20 —3 p.m.

2:20 MARIAM ALAKA, Orphans' awareness and attitudes toward HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, Major: PSYC; Mentor: Dr. George Holden

2:25 THOMAS GELO, London Culture through the Lens of Avant Garde Film, Major: THEA, FILM; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith

2:30 JUSTIN BERMAN, Spellbound, Major: CRCOMP; Mentor: Dr. Ira Greenberg

2:35 RICHARD BRAXTON, Quake Map, Major: CRCOMP, GEOL; Mentor: Dr. David Anderson

2:40 DRAKE FRANK, Coconut Fuel for Kenya, Major: ME; Mentor: Dr. Tindaro Ioppolo

2:45 Q&A

SESSION 13:  3-3:30 p.m.


3:05 MAI BEDAIR, The Construction of Complex I Mutants with Truncated K Subunits, Major: BIOCHEM; Mentor: Dr. Steven Vik

3:10 TRAVIS COVERT, Reconstruction of Multidimensional Ellipsoids from Discrete Data, Major: EE, PHYS; Mentor: Dr. Pavel Nadolsky

3:15 Q&A