Emergency Management

Emergency Procedures

Know what to do


A danger inside or near the building.

LEAVE the building, don't use elevators

ASSIST the disabled

TAKE valuables and cell phone with you

PROCEED to assembly area outside


There is an active shooter or other violence on campus.

HIDE under furniture, turn out lights, close blinds and barricade or lock doors

SPREAD OUT on the floor, stay away from windows

WARN others: Call 911

Wait for “all clear” by police


A danger outside or a warning siren has been sounded.

SEEK refuge inside a building and remain there

TURN off ventilation systems

KEEP tuned to media, if possible

WAIT for “all clear” from campus officials

In case of emergency, SMU will attempt to communicate with you in a number of ways including:

  • Office and cell phones
  • Emails
  • Public address systems
  • SMU web site
  • Runners
  • Text messages
  • Civil defense sirens
  • Hand-held radios
  • Local news media
  • Bullhorns

For emergencies, CALL 911.

Update your emergency contact information at access.smu.edu.

We encourage you to download this information for printing and posting.