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Integrated Marketing and Advertising

Services and Charges

Photography Services

  • Campus Architecture
  • On- and Off-Campus Locations
  • News and Events
  • Classroom Environments
  • Academic or Campus Life Activities
  • Portraits
  • Product Shots

Additional Services

  • Image Research
  • Scanning
  • Photo Prints

Limited Availability of the University Photographer

Universitywide priorities that limit the availability of the University photographer, while regrettable, do occur, and sometimes with very little notice. If the staff photographer is unavailable, we have outside resources to meet the needs of your request. Should it become necessary to book a freelance photographer, we will provide an estimate of his or her fees with as much notice as possible. Or, we can provide a list of freelance photographers from which you can choose to book yourself.

Photo Charges

Fees are billed at a one-hour minimum and are subject to the availability of the University photographer.

Service Charge
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays $50 per hour
After 5 p.m. and weekends $100 per hour
Freelance photography Per estimate

Other Charges (in addition to the hourly rate)

Service Charge
Digital image processing and Web-gallery posting (2-3 day service) $1 per image
CD/DVD $25 each
Contact sheets (4-5 day service) $4 per page

Image Research, Scanning Services, Photo Prints

Service Charge
Image research (1-5 day service) $25 per hour
Images from digital archives $5 per image
Transmitted by e-mail or burned to CD $25
Scan services from slide or negative (4-5 day service) Per estimate
Scans for use in printed publications and large-format prints sent to an outside lab for professional scans
Per estimate
Photo prints produced by an outside lab (4-5 day service) Per estimate
Large format wall photographs (14-day service) Per estimate

Contact Us

Laura O. Graham
Director of Photography

Hillsman S. Jackson

Clayton T. Smith
Production Photographer