About the Program

The University Honors Program is at the heart of SMU’s intellectual community. Students are prepared for the future through a program that centers on the values of a broad-based education in the liberal arts. The program offers students of all majors the ability to experience academic challenges beyond their major courses, by choosing seven courses that offer an enhanced version of SMU’s University Curriculum. Honors students enjoy intellectual challenges from the University’s best professors in smaller classes that are discussion-based.

The University Honors Program extends beyond the classroom to include an upper-class mentoring program, the Virginia-Snider Honors Residence Hall, dinners, lectures and a full calendar of events. Students are also encouraged to explore their individual interests through special research projects and interdisciplinary studies on the Dallas campus, at SMU- in – Taos and elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

Mission Statement

The University Honors Program allows highly engaged and motivated students of all schools and majors to enhance the academic experience of SMU by satisfying the Liberal Arts General Education Curriculum in small, discussion-based classes. Though Honors students are high achievers, the Program extends beyond the work in the classroom to the development of a community of scholars—students and faculty—who relish the challenge and adventure of the life of the mind. In so doing, the University Honors Program serves as the intellectual heart of SMU, broadens students’ perspectives, and raises the level of discourse across campus.