University Honors Program


The following details the course sequence for completing the UHP curriculum:

Honors Discernment & Discourse Foundations

This two semester sequence taken during the first year encourages students to confront profound ethical questions by considering history, literature, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. DISC 2305 & DISC 2306 form the basis of the Honors education and must be completed by every UHP student, regardless of incoming credits.

Note: if entering with AP English III or IV credit, DISC 2306 will satisfy both the DISC requirement as well as a Level 1 Pillar requirement. 


UHP 2100: Honors Sophomore Seminar

This one-credit hour course taken during the second year introduces Honors students to the wide variety of resources available on campus designed to broaden their academic potential. Special emphasis is placed on conducting individual research, preparation for upper level courses, creating research funding proposals, and conducting an Honors project in the major.


Honors Ways of Knowing

UHP students are encouraged to complete an Honors Ways of Knowing course. These courses, taught by multiply Honors professors, are designed to use interdisciplinary approaches to discuss complex subjects.

Note: if Ways of Knowing course is not designated as Honors, an additional Honors Pillar must be completed to fulfill the requirement.


Honors Pillars

UHP students are required to complete 2 Honors Pillars. Honors Pillar courses are often special courses designed specifically for UHP students and change from semester to semester. These Pillar courses include small discussion-based classes, travel classes, and much more. See our course lists for a full list of Pillar courses.


Honors Culminating Project

To culminate the Honors academic experience, students must complete a defining project during their time as a student. This project can take many forms. To see some examples of approved projects and for more information, see our Honors Culminating Project page.


Study Abroad

The UHP encourages students to broaden their academic experience with Study Abroad programs. Certain Study Abroad programs include courses that are designated as Honors and can fulfill UHP requirements. For information regarding obtaining Honors credit for non-Honors-designated Study Abroad courses or experiences, contact Dr. Doyle.


Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA in Honors courses and a 3.3 GPA overall receive the designation "Honors in the Liberal Arts" on their diplomas upon graduation to acknowledge their intellectual achievement.