Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

Karen Hughes: Former advisor to President George W. Bush and Under Secretary of State On was presented with the Dedman College Distinguished Graduate award in October 2013. She embodies all that is great about Dedman College, and we are proud to have her as one of our Minds Moving the World.

Liz Armstrong: Liz Armstrong '82 credits her success in business in part to her liberal arts degree. Currently serving as Chair of the Dedman College Executive Board, she is passionate about increasing the College's research grants, reaching out to alumni and raising Dedman College's national profile. 

 Kent Fischer: '13 Dedman College alumni and current Ph.D student at University of Texas at Austin, Kent Fischer parlayed his interest in molecular "Baskets" into a Goldwater Scholarship while attending SMU. 

Samantha Matthews and Shirin Tavakoli: Were the first students to graduate with a major in Human Rights from the Embrey Human Rights Program.

Katherine Deland: '13 alumni and current medical student at Duke University, Katherine Deland collaborated on a research project investigating the role of a specific gene in suppressing the reproduction of cancer cells. 

Kimberly Mendoza: '13 alumni is pursuing a dual degree at Rice University and University of Texas Medical Branch that is allowing her to conduct drug therapy research to help advance life-saving treatments for pediatric cardiac patients.

Andrew Lin: Dedman College alumni and current University of Texas Southwestern Medical School student Andrew Lin, worked with renowned paleontologist and SMU professor Louis Jacobs to compare the anatomy of a Miocene what fossil found in Kenya to that of modern and other fossil beaked whales.